[Student Report] Sports Uniform Update from the SRC

Feena (3M), Taj (3B), Noah (3B), Breah (3H)

We are two of the Student Representative Council members from 3B. This year, we worked hard listening to feedback from students at AISHK. One of the suggestions was to come to school in our Sports uniform instead of getting changed at school. So we organised a meeting with Mr Kean and told him why we think it would be a great idea. Then, Mr Kean, Mr Reed and Mr Hemphill discussed it at another meeting and they all agreed to make this change.

So we are very happy to announce that from 2020, Primary students will be able to come to school in their house coloured T-shirt to and from school on the days they have PE and Sport. For students who are yet to purchase their new House T-shirt, please contact the Uniform Shop.

Taj and Noah | Year 3