Parent Association: Want to Be a 2020 Class Representative?

Class Representatives

The School and the Parent Association have a long tradition of enlisting Class Representatives for each year group to assist with communication between school and home, and to provide a link or contact point for parents within class groups. The role is especially important in helping to welcome new families to our school.

Parents generally find being a Class Representative is a rewarding way to become involved in the school community. The main functions of the role are:

  • Assisting with class functions, activities and excursions where particularly in communicating activities to families in the class.
  • Welcoming new parents to the year group/class and appointing parent buddies for new families, as appropriate.
  • Being a contact person for the Parent Association and special events.
  • Organising class get togethers for parents, as appropriate.
  • Assisting with Welcome Morning Teas for new parents in the class to which you are assigned.

Ideally, two Class Representative are allocated for each Primary class, whilst Secondary classes are allocated one per year level.

Suggestions for Class Representatives when organising year group events

  • Meet with the other Class Representatives in your year group to decide which events you would like to do and when. Please try and organise events as an entire year group (for example – all year 3 parents, not just 3Z).
  • The PA will check suggested dates for any potential school calendar clashes. Once confirmed the information will be placed in Dhanara for all parents to see.
  • Email your classes with the event information.

If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative in 2020, please email