Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

Important Dates

Tuesday 3 December: Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Disco

Thursday 5 December:  Swimming Carnival

Thursday 5 December: Jingle & Mingle’ Carols & BBQ

Monday 9 December: Year 6 Student PotLuck Lunch Rooftop Party 

Tuesday 10 December: Speech Day

Wednesday 11 December: Last day of School (Mufti Day) Year 6 Final Assembly

It was lovely to have our Year 6 students back with us last week, and what a busy time we have had since! 

Students have been in Bangkok to represent the school for swimming, to Shenzhen for touch football and even Cross Country! Our House Captains are to be congratulated on their leadership, energy and maturity when assisting at the Early Childhood Athletics Carnival this week. 

We have had a flood of fantastic results from ICAS as well as from our Maths Olympiad participants. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

In the classroom the learning has not stopped. Patterns and Algebra, Percentages in Mathematics and of course Literature Circles are continuing in our reading of the novel, ‘Holes’. As always, our Year 6 students are working hard and we could not be prouder. 

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Disco

We’ve only a few days to go before the exclusive Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and we can’t wait to see you there. Just a few reminders in regards to this very special event:

When: Tuesday the 3rd of December 
Time: 17:30-18:30
Where: The AISHK Auditorium

Students are to be dressed in their formal school uniform (blazers, ties and tights) for the ceremony and can afterwards get changed for the disco. As per uniform requirements hair is to be neat and tidy. Students have been reminded to speak to their parents if it is time for a haircut.  Please see the Graduation Night Dress Code. The Year 6 Teachers have also discussed this with the students. 

 The evening: 

16:30-17:15 If you wish, there will be photo opportunities by the AISHK banners (There will be very limited time for photographs after the ceremony)
17:15 All students are to report to their classroom teacher to gather in position in the Auditorium
17:30 Commencement of the Graduation Ceremony
18:30 Conclusion of the Graduation Ceremony
18:30 Students get changed in changing rooms and go to the rooftop for the BBQ and Disco

Parents go to the Level 9 Staffroom for PA held parent event

20:00 Conclusion of the evening’s events

All children will need to be picked up at the end of the evening by an adult. 

Seating availability in the Auditorium is limited, therefore we kindly request that four adults is the maximum number per family and that Year 6 students attend only (no siblings). Highlights of the evening’s ceremony will be presented at the Primary End of Year Assembly for all Primary students to enjoy. This will also include the Year 5 Guard of Honour for our graduating Year 6 students. Of course, parents are able to join at this event as per normal. 

Following the Graduation Ceremony, will be the Year 6 Disco and Parent Potluck Dinner, where parents have been asked to bring their own plate of food to share and drinks.  These two events will run parallel to each other up on the roof top and 9th floor Teacher’s Staffroom, from 6.30 until 8pm.

For the student BBQ and Disco, we kindly ask that each student please provide their own plate, cup and cutlery for environmental reasons. These must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and can be bought to school prior to Tuesday.

A gentle reminder for the parent ‘Potluck’ party, if you have younger children coming to the Graduation Ceremony there are no childcare facilities at the school for that evening and other arrangements will need to be made for them. Please contact your class parent for further information.

This will be a wonderful evening and a very special way to congratulate and farewell our Year 6 students. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Swimming Carnival

The Year 3 – 6 swimming carnival will be held on Thursday 5 December at AISHK swimming pool. Due to limited space, the students will be in age group sessions across the day. This may mean that they are on the poolside with their class teacher or teachers from other year levels depending on what age group they fall into. The students will be well looked after and the House Patrons will be there all day to ensure students get to their races on time! Please see the email from the Primary Office for the schedule. Parents are very welcome to attend the carnival.

Speech Day

The AISHK Speech Day Presentation for Primary Year 3-6 will be on the following Tuesday 10th December from 9.30-10.30 at AISHK Auditorium. For Year 6 this also includes the special Margaret Merrell Award. Early Childhood will have their Speech Day Awards at a separate special school assembly. Please refer to notices sent from Mr Hemphill for further details on the changes to this event.

Year Six Rooftop Beijing Memories Publication Celebration  

We will hold a Year 6 shared lunch on the rooftop on Monday the 9th of December. This is not only for the students to celebrate their year but to acknowledge the incredible work that they have completed on their Beijing Memories Publication (BMP). It is also  an opportunity for the Year Six Students to share their BMP work with their group leader, reminisce on a wonderful trip and term as well as spend some time together in the final week. 

Students are asked to bring in a plate of finger food which can be shared with the year level (cutlery will not be available). Please remember that all food must be nut free due to student allergies. 

If possible, we also kindly ask that the amount of disposable packaging be limited. We encourage reusable plastic containers that are clearly labelled with your child’s name. These will be sent home with your child at the end of the day.  

6S and 6L are asked to bring in savoury food. Some ideas are: small sandwiches, sausage rolls and other small pastries (we have limited access to ovens), vegetable sticks with dip, chips, cheese or wraps.  

6A and 6K are asked to bring in sweet treats. Some ideas are: chips/crisps, cakes, biscuits, sliced fruit, cupcakes or slices.  

If you have any questions, please contact  Josh Aghion. 

Year 7 Transition Day 

Wednesday the 27 November saw our Year 6 students venture up the stairs to spend the day in the Secondary School. They had the chance to experience lessons in Cooking, DT, Science, English, Music and French as well as sit in on a Secondary Assembly and enjoy a rooftop BBQ. There was a lot of excitement and energy in the students as they returned to tell us all about their day. Entering Secondary School is a significant milestone for our students and we have encouraged them to share their experiences with you as well as what they look forward to and what they might feel nervous about. It is indeed a memorable time for them. 

Geography projects

Throughout the term, in Geography, we have been investigating Our Asian Neighbours and have worked hard to produce a Google Site that displays our discoveries. Very soon these sites will go live and you will be able to learn all about the economic, social and demographic characteristics of the countries that are found in South East Asia. They may just inspire you to take a little holiday to check out a new and exciting place. 


The students have been showcasing their learning on a regular basis on to Seesaw. This week, they have been busy uploading their most recent work in Library where they were given the choice of researching a business idea as part of their Economics and Business Unit. Possible options that they could choose were to: investigate an existing business, examine an entrepreneur or create their very own business proposal. They then presented their research to a small group and recorded it onto Seesaw. Log in to your account to see this amazing project. 

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd of December for the Graduation Ceremony. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

The Year 6 Team