Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

We can’t believe that we are nearly half way through a very busy term and the end of the year is drawing closer. We have many things to look forward to, including the Primary Swimming Carnival, Visual Art Exhibition, Transition Day and the Jingle and Mingle.

Year 5 Assembly
In the past few weeks the teachers and students have been preparing for our Assembly. The resounding applause today, filled the students with pride and it reinforced that if you put in the time and persevere, remarkable things happen, and the sky is the limit!

Leadership Day Highlights!
On Wednesday the students were involved in Leadership Day. They learnt that Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They help set the direction, build upon a vision and create something new. A good leader also makes sure they empower others to be the best they can be; dynamic, exciting and inspiring.


Our Leadership Day started with an inspiring message from our Head of School, Mr Mark Hemphill. The students then moved into groups to ask questions and discuss their personal wonderings with our parent volunteers, who are recognised leaders in their field and the community. They enjoyed the opportunity to speak to a variety of adults and to get their perspective on leadership whilst listening to their life and career journeys. We sincerely thank our guests for taking time out of their busy schedules. The day then progress with team building activities, chatting to our current Primary Year 6 leaders and a delicious BBQ lunch. The afternoon was all about working with their peers in House groups and displaying their potential leadership skills during the group activities.  Head of Houses had the privilege of engaging the students in a variety of interactive activities. Great fun was had by all, these activities required teamwork, leadership, problem solving and innovation.

Parents will receive an email about the 2020 Leadership Positions and the election process today. The Application form will be handed to candidates.  The “Chat to Camera” will proceed in the following weeks. The students that apply will need to prepare a quick speech highlighting their gifts, talents and leadership ideas.  All of this information and more is in the above-mentioned

Criteria for a leadership role:

  • Be a positive role model
  • Treat everyone as equals
  • Lead by example in attitude, behaviour and dress
  • Help teachers with the care of younger students
  • Be an active listener when working with fellow students / leaders
  • Support and help the Head of Primary, Primary and all teachers in the Primary Division
  • Represent the school in community events
  • Assist in the co-ordination of Primary Division events such as mufti days, discos, assemblies and fundraisers
  • Lead the Student Representative Council (where applicable)

Students had many comments to make about the day. Here a few:

I like listening to the parent’s experiences and what they thought about leadership. Melina 5R

I learnt a lot about being a leader especially to be a good listener. Samuel 5R

I like how we learnt that you don’t have to be a leader now and you can be one anytime in your life. Summer 5P

I liked how the parents came in and shared their ideas about leadership. I enjoyed the House group activities in the afternoon. William 5P


Wellbeing @ AISHK
In the past 2 weeks we have looked at ‘Talking Trains.’ Every student was asked to pick some people that they would go to if they felt anxious, worried or just wanted to chat about something that was bothering them. The trains are on display in the classrooms. Please ask your child who were the people they chose to reach out to if they needed someone to talk with. In conjunction with this activity, the students have been learning about how to Self-Care.

They were able to identify that eating well, exercise, enough sleep, positive self-talk, making and keeping friends, water, reading and less screen time all contribute to feeling good on the inside and out. Thumbs up Year 5!

Swimming Carnival
Next week on Wednesday 5 November, all students are required to bring their swimming kit, towel, cap and googles. We will be holding timed swim trials for the upcoming Primary Swimming Carnival in the pool on the 9th floor. The times will then be collected and collated. The students will be placed into heats within their age group, not year group.  In Sport, we have been swimming and improving our diving off the blocks, stroke technique and speed.

Each week the Teachers and students endeavour to upload a snapshot of how much fun they are having learning. The students usually write a comment or add a voice over. They’re eyes light up when you make a positive personal comment to them. Thanks, and keep the good work up!

This fortnight we are looking at 24-hour time and interpreting timetables. We are navigating our way through bus, flight and other timetables. The girls and boys have been completing some extension learning via the Mathletics online platform.

The tasks set by the teacher are specifically linked to what we are learning in class. The students can log onto this program any day at any time. Feel free to direct your child to complete some of the allocated learning set by the teacher if they finish off their Homework in record time!


Box of Hope
Box of Hope is a registered charity that was set up in Hong Kong in 2008, with the aim of providing children with the opportunity to give a present to people less fortunate in places like Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Last year AISHK together with many other schools in Hong Kong donated an incredible 35,252 ‘Boxes of Hope’.

The Box of Hope website provides examples of how to make a box and suitable gifts, which are shown below.



What to pack
All items must be NEW. Please try to include 2 items from each category. Remember to make your box both fun and educational! Please include essential hygiene items.


  • Something to love: Bear, soft toy, tennis ball, finger puppet, jigsaw, yo-yo, small musical instrument, torch (including batteries), playing cards, small trucks and cars, doll, jewellery, make-up, hair accessories, etc.

Educational Supplies

  • Something to do: Books (simple English), felt pens, pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, colouring book, notepad, picture/puzzle book, chalk, pencil case, stickers, calculator, etc.

Hygiene Items

  • Something to use: Toothbrush & toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, hair clips, bar of wrapped soap, flannel, etc. No liquids please.

Other items

  • Something to wear: Gloves, scarf, sunglasses, cap, sun hat, bangles, necklaces, watches, etc.

When you have completed packing your Box of Hope, secure the lid with an elastic band. Please do not seal the box as it will need to be checked to ensure it meets Customs requirements.

What NOT to pack

  • No food, medicine, war related items (toy guns, soldiers, knives)
  • No clothing other than listed above
  • No fragile items (glass containers, mirror)
  • No liquids of any kind (bubble, shampoo, bubble bath, toiletry set, aerosols
  • No dangerous items (marbles, sharp objects, scissors, razors)

When you’ve completed packing your box of hope, secure the lid with an elastic band. Please do not seal the box as it will need to be checked to ensure it meets Customs requirements.

In addition, there is a design competition for Box of Hope and the winners will get the opportunity to deliver some Box of Hope gifts to recipients in Hong Kong. Details for the competition can be found here. Please click here to view a video showing how Box of Hope works.

Each student in Year 5 is asked to provide a Box of Hope for a little person in need. If you don’t have a box, don’t worry, we will provide you with one. Bring the goodies in a bag to school. This year boxes can be dropped off at the Atrium on the 2nd floor at AISHK from Monday 4 November – Friday 8 November, after which they will be collected, checked and distributed to children in need throughout Hong Kong and Asia. Thank you for your generosity.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

Mr Ben Picker (Head of Year 5):

Ms Olivia Ashton:

Mr Matthew Price:

Mrs Jo Reed: