Year 3 News | Term 4 Week 4

Over the course of the year, students have had many opportunities to build their writing skills. This term, we have begun revising persuasive writing and students have been busy researching our new topic,  Spiders vs snakes – which is more dangerous? which links to our science unit from last term.

We have recapped what a persuasive text should include and that the purpose of the text is to persuade and encourage our audience to share the same view as the author. We have also looked at other key features that make up an engaging, persuasive piece of writing.

Students have been busy researching in class, trying to find as much evidence as they can to support their opinion, and they have successfully found some interesting facts and examples to use. They are in the process of planning and sequencing their texts and their next goal is to include as much persuasive language as possible and ensure they have included greater detail, description and wow words.  Ask your child what their opinion is and share with them what you think and why?

We have just started a new investigation titled ‘Follow Freddy’ focuses on map references, compass points, angles, symmetry and flips/slides/turns in shapes. This investigation covers lots of geometry content which allows for some more hands-on experiences. Try some of these activities at home to reinforce what we have or will be learning:

  • Map references: Pull out the old school battleship board game or open up an atlas and find cities using simple grid coordinates i.e. What is in A6 or E2?
  • Compass points: How do you remember North, South, East, West? Is it Never Eat Soggy Weetbix or Naughty Elephants Squirt Water?
  • Angles: Ask your child about the 3 types of angles (acute, right, obtuse) and ask them to identify where these angles can be found in your house.
  • Symmetry: print out these images and let them draw the other half. Butterflies, magnets, eggs and more
  • Flip/slide/turn: Draw a shape on grid paper and get students to redraw it with either a flip, slide or turn.

Students have been busy mapping the states and territories of Australia along with the capital cities and some natural features. They will soon map the various climate zones too. Here is a link to a really enjoyable jigsaw activity. The jigsaw game will help students understand which parts of Australia goes where and which climate zones are common to each state. (Mr Bennett’s fastest time was 3 min 17 sec – let’s beat him!)

This term we are going to be consolidating our coding skills by using the LEGO® Education WeDo kits. These kits introduce young students to robotics. Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors; program their models; and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities while developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as language and literacy.

Important Dates
Here is what’s in store and some important dates to remember:

  • Week 6 | Wednesday 13 November, Dental Visit (9:10-10:40am)
  • Week 7 | Thursday 21 November, Primary Swimming Carnival at Kwun Tong Pool
  • Week 8 | Wednesday 27 November, Transition Day (where Year 3s will have a session in a Year 4 classroom)
  • Week 9 | Thursday 5 December, Jingle and Mingle Carols and BBQ
  • Week 10 | Tuesday 10 December, Speech Day
  • Week 10 | Wednesday 11 December, End of Year (half-day and mufti)