Year 2 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

Here we are at the end of Week 4 and the term seems to be flying by! Students have had another busy week of learning and we are sure that they have been keeping you up to date about all of the many new experiences they have been involved in over the last fortnight. 

In English, we have been expanding our knowledge of synonyms and antonyms. Students have undertaken a variety of writing and game-based tasks to gain an understanding of how a broad knowledge of synonyms can enhance their writing. By investigating antonyms, students have also expanded their vocabulary.

One of the most exciting parts of our English learning this week has been our drama rotations. Each class has had the opportunity to work with another Year 2 teacher to learn about different aspects of drama and performance including movement, improvisation and voice projection. Our rotations will continue next week and we definitely have a lot of budding performers in Year 2!

Our focus on time has promoted a lot of conversation. It has been great to see students thinking about the importance of telling the time and how this skill is useful in their day to day lives. We have even noticed a lot more of our students wearing watches over the last few days, helping their teachers to keep track of time! We have mainly been focusing on o’clock, half-past, quarter-past and quarter-to times as well as AM and PM times. 

Students have continued to care for their sunflowers which are growing really well. They’ve been taking detailed notes in their Sunflower Journals about the changes they notice and predictions they have for what developments they’ll see next.

We have also moved our science investigations forward, to look at the Earth’s resources and how these are used by people. We looked at natural and man-made resources and compared renewable and non-renewable resources. Our main focus has been on water and this was supported by our fabulous excursion to The Crossroads Foundation.

Crossroads Excursion
We had a fantastic excursion to Crossroads on Thursday morning. After a short bus ride, followed by our morning tea, we met DJ (David Begbie, Director of The Crossroads Foundation) who would be our host and guide for the morning. After giving us a history of the foundation’s charity work, and their long-standing connections with AISHK, students got to experience what life is like for kids their age in other parts of the world. They specifically thought about children who do not have the same access to water that we enjoy here in Hong Kong. Activities such as fetching water from a well, washing food and clothing and much more, allowed our students to gain a deeper insight into the importance of water in people’s daily lives.


We finished the excursion by discussing small actions we can each take in our lives to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  It was an inspiring day which everyone present will remember for a long time.

Year 2 Dental Visit
On Monday 11 November, all students who have signed up to participate will be visiting the dentist. We understand that trips to the dentist can bring on feelings of anxiety in many children and if your son or daughter is at all apprehensive about the visit, please let us know. We can then offer them some reassurances prior to the day. Students going to the dentist will be accompanied by Mrs Stewart, Mrs Galvin, Mrs Weston and Mrs Marsh. 

Box of Hope

It’s that time of the year again, where our students get to take action and help children who are less fortunate than themselves. It’s a wonderful experience for our children, where they can make a really meaningful difference in the lives of others. This week, to help our students focus on the task, they will not need to complete their normal ‘Speaking and Listening’ homework task. This will hopefully allow them more time to work on their Box of Hope. Box of Hope stickers will come home in diaries today.

Transition to Year Three
In a few weeks’ time, Year 2 students along with the rest of the Primary Division, will get a chance to spend two sessions in the Year Three classrooms in preparation for next year. In House groups, they will meet some of the current Year Three teachers, see the classrooms and experience what life will be like as a Year Three student. They will spend some time getting to know one another as well as take part in games and activities. They will not be in assigned class groups, nor with their actual teacher for next year. Rather, children will rotate through rooms and spend time with a variety of teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity for our Year 2s, as it will not only allow them to ask their burning questions about being a “Big Year Three kid,” but it will also hopefully put to rest some nerves and worries they have as the end of the year draws nearer. Please spend some time talking with your children about this process in order to prepare them for the coming weeks. Reassure them and encourage excitement as they begin their transition. 

Midas Uniform Shop Notice
Change of Uniform: Year 2 (Early Childhood to Year 3-6 Uniform)
Year 2 students moving into Year 3 in 2020 will need to purchase their new uniform items before the end of this term, ready for the start of the new school year.

Uniform requirements can be found in our Parent Handbook, located here. To assist with the volume of students needing new uniforms, there will also be extra sales days. The following days have been designated to students in Year 2:

Time:  8:00am-3:30pm

Monday 25 November
Tuesday 26 November
Thursday 28 November
Monday 2 December
Tuesday 3 December
Thursday 5 December

You may choose to place your order via one of the following methods:

  1. Visit the Uniform Shop with your child for a fitting and purchase what is required. No appointment is necessary. Please be mindful, the start of the day and the end of the day are always busy therefore we thank you in advance for your patience.
  2. Alternatively, if you are confident you know your child’s sizing, simply fill in the appropriate order form from the School’s website and place the completed form in your child’s home diary with the exact payment (cheques should be made payable to ‘Midas Ltd’). The items will then be delivered to your child’s classroom as soon as possible.
  3. Your child may go to the Uniform Shop either before or after school or during their recess or lunch break where our staff will measure and fit them for their uniform. They will then give them a completed order form for your appropriate action to place the order, as per the steps in 2 above.

Please note that at the start of the 2020 school year, the Uniform Shop’s special opening hours are allocated to new student arrivals only, therefore please ensure you purchase your child’s new uniform prior to the end of this school year.

Should you have any further question, please email Shirley Cheng, Midas Uniform Shop Manager at

Diary Dates

  • Monday 11 November: Year 2 Dental Visit
  • Tuesday 26 November: Early Childhood Athletics Carnival @ King’s Park
  • Thursday 5 December: Jingle & Mingle (4:00pm – 7:30pm)
  • Friday 6 December: Year 2 Assembly
  • Wednesday 11 December:  Last day of Term 4, Mufti Day