Year 1 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

How do we create characters?
Year 1 students have been exploring this question by discussing characters in literature by Aaron Blabey. Over the last fortnight, we have been considering how Sunday Chutney is depicted through actions and emotions. Sunday is a complex character with many likes, dislikes and feelings.

Students thought about how they might be depicted in a story if they were the main character by thinking of likes, dislikes, adjectives and verbs that match their personalities.

Phonics: Camera Words
We have finished all of our sounds for the year and we are now focussing on accurately reading and writing the 36 Year 1 camera words. After completing a pre-assessment to see which words they know, students will have a personal list of camera words to practice and learn. 

Money, money, money
This fortnight, we have been exploring Australian money. In particular, students have been learning the names of the coins, ordering them according to value and adding them together.

I’m here, what’s over there?
We have had two wonderful park experiences this fortnight. Firstly, taking a quick walk to Rutland Park where students were asked to identify the features of the park and create a sketch map of the area. Then we went to Kowloon Park to observe how people use the space and discuss why the park is a great part of the community. Thank you to those parents who came along, your time, effort and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

Passion Projects
All students are off to a great start with their passion projects! After choosing a topic they felt passionate about, Year 1 students came up with a few questions they would like answered and considered where they could get that information. Students are currently in the research stage, looking through books, web results and asking experts for answers. We are all excited to see where these projects lead us!

Let’s Talk
This term, as part of our whole school wellbeing programs, AISHK is focusing on a very important topic – mental health. Each week, every class completes a lesson to raise conversation about feelings, emotions and staying healthy both physically and mentally. Year 1 students have thought about what worries are, who they can talk to if they feel worried, and how our emotions change in different situations.

This week we complete our Library lesson sessions. Students have explored Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and discussed why these stories are important and the natural features that run throughout them. While the lessons may be over, we will continue to visit the Library and borrow weekly. 

Transition to Year 2
In a few weeks’ time, the Year 1 children along with the rest of the primary division, will get a chance to spend two sessions in the Year 2 classrooms in preparation for next year. In House groups, they will meet some of the current Year 2 teachers, see the classrooms and experience what life will be like as a Year 2 student. 

Children will rotate through rooms and spend  time with a variety of teachers. They will not be in assigned class groups, nor with their actual teacher for next year. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students, as it will not only allow them to ask their burning questions about being in Year 2, but it will also hopefully put to rest some nerves and worries they might have as the end of the year draws nearer. 

Please spend some time talking with your children about this process in order to prepare them for the coming weeks. Reassure them and encourage excitement as they begin their transition. 

Notes and Reminders

  • Please continue to check student diary bags nightly and empty unneeded forms, sheets or notes. 
  • No toys, smart watches or cards to come to school for trading/playing with during break times.
  • If students arrive early they must wait in the cafeteria with an accompanying adult. Supervision begins at 7:45am.

Dates to remember:

Week 6
Tuesday 12 November: 1B/1M/1N Dentist visit

Week 7
Wednesday 20 November: Year 1 Geography excursion, Beach clean up
Friday 22 November: 1T Dentist visit

Week 8
Tuesday 26 November: Early Childhood Athletics Carnival
Wednesday 27 November: Transition morning

Week 9
Wednesday 4 December: Transition afternoon
Thursday 5 December: Jingle Mingle (4:00 – 7:30pm)

Week 10
Wednesday 11th December: Last day Term 4 (midday finish)

Year 1 Team
Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili