Reception Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

Hi Reception Parents,

We have had lots of fun making musical instruments. We had to think about what type of instrument to make and how we can use the containers to make them. Thank you for the great donations of plastic containers. We were very happy with how they turned out.

Our Learning

Musical Instruments

Some of the children showed some interest in making musical instruments. After collecting different plastic containers, we set about making our musical instruments. We used rice, pasta and beans to make shakers and drums. We had to pour the ingredients carefully into the container and then tape it together with masking tape. Once we had constructed our instrument, we were able to paint and decorate them with different collage materials. We had fun making different sounds with our instruments.


There has been lots of interest in writing and making marks that have meaning. We have enjoyed using different areas in our classroom to support this. The role play area has been an area where we have been acting out the role of the teacher and student, writing letters on the white board and doing “work” in our school books. There is lots of rich language being used and we like to sing the alphabet song as we point to the letters on the wall.

The writing table is also an important place for creative mark making and writing. We like to practice writing our names and drawing detailed pictures. This area is also often a space to work with our friends, talking about the pictures we have drawn and sometimes working on similar drawings together. The writing table also a space where we practice our number writing and we enjoy making big numbers with the calculator.

Some of the table activities are set up so that we can practice making marks using different materials. We had gel writing where we used our hands and a stick to make shapes in the sparkling gel. Some of us enjoyed putting our hands in the sticky gel and getting sensory feedback from touching the gel. We practiced making shapes and lines which we will use in our writing.

Focused Learning

We have continued to look at patterns and how we can create our own patterns. We have started to look at Aboriginal art and were inspired by some of the dot paintings which are made up of lots of patterns. We also continue to create patterns using our body, clapping, tapping and clicking patterns, changing the pace so that we get faster and slower. We have also looked at circular patterns using the loose items outside to make colour and shape patterns. Exploring patterns also help us for when we write and do number.

What Next?

Over the next few weeks we will be getting ready for Prep transition, discussing what will happen and answer any questions we might have about next year. We will also be getting ready for our Sports Day, which will be lots of fun!

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday 27 November: Reception Sports Day
  • Wednesday 27 November: Prep Transition