Reception Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

Hi Reception Parents,

We have had a very productive October in Reception building up to our Pumpkin Party yesterday. It has been a very creative time with lots of learning through thinking about what we would like to see happen and making our ideas come to life.

Our Learning

Pumpkin Party
What a great day we had celebrating our Pumpkin Party. We have been busy preparing for the big day and when it finally arrived, we were so excited we could burst! Over the last few weeks we were super busy and focused on making our costumes and decorations. We were constantly at the collage table making, sticking, cutting and tracing anything that was spooky. Our rule of only 4 people at the table went out the window and we made room for a few more creative people. We made masks, hats and painted pumpkins and ghosts, we used glue and sticky tape, cut out shapes and traced around stencils. It was lovely to see lots of creativity!

Leading up to the Pumpkin Party we read some great books, Scary Night, Say Boo! and Spookyrumpus. The books were funny and not scary at all. We looked at rhyming words in the stories and how they sounded the same, looked at number and did some counting and made predictions on what will happen next. All these skills are helping us get ready for reading and writing. We also learnt some new songs such as Ghostbusters (our new favourite), The Skeleton Dance, and some funny rhymes such as Five Little Pumpkins and Trick or Treat.

After counting down the sleeps, it was finally Pumpkin Party day! We did some carving with some oranges, we could not carve the pumpkins as our hands are still growing, the oranges were the next best thing to cut scary faces into. Not only did they look scary and kind of like pumpkins, it made the room smell delicious! We made some lovely pizzas adding ham and cheese to a muffin base and decorated some cookies by squeezing the icing on and adding some decorations to make a scary face. We danced up an appetite and went on a candy hunt where we found yummy candy hidden around the classroom. Mr Hemphill and Mrs Moore joined us for our picnic treats and we happily shared our pizza and candy with them.

There have been a few more new posts on Seesaw, and this will continue throughout the term. It has been great to see so many families sign up and making comments. An email was sent out at the end of last term for families to sign up. Please let me know if you need any support in accessing Seesaw.

Focused Learning
We have been looking at shapes and patterns this week. We used stones and rocks to make round patterns and shapes and stacking blocks to come up with our own colour patterns. We have used our bodies to make clap, tap patterns. When we explore and learn about patterns, we are building important foundations for when we do more complex number work. Our ability to recognise and create patterns help us make predictions based on our observations. We have also been writing numbers and drawing simple shapes.

The block area continues to be a very versatile creative space for us to explore and build tall structures. We have built boats, train tracks, roads and our scary house! When we are building, we also have to work as a team, collaborating and sharing ideas with lots of language being used. The block area also has connection with mathematical concepts and number skills.

What Next?

We will be exploring maps and map making over the next few weeks as well as having a look at some Aboriginal art. We have also shown some interest in making musical instruments which we will explore further.