Year 7 and Prep Playground Games

How can we live to be 100? Year Seven have been pondering this question in their PDHPE classes during semester two. One of the common traits of communities with a high incidence of centurions is utilising opportunities to be active. The others are having a varied and balanced diet, feeling connected and having a sense of purpose.

At school, our greatest opportunities to be active are during recess and lunch breaks. Our primary school students are fortunate to have lots of engaging equipment set out for them during breaks each day, but Year Seven saw an opportunity to teach the prep students some traditional playground games. These included handball, skipping, tag and even hide and seek. Their challenge was to use as little equipment as possible and stay moving for the entire session.

This activity also tapped in to a number of initiatives that the school has been promoting and practicing, such as “Let’s Talk”. All students were encouraged to learn each other’s names and talk about who their friends are and what they usually do at recess and lunch, and often this is the first step in understanding that they are connected and known at school.

Our morning finished with a “shoes off” play on the field. This type of sensory activity helps develop proprioception (this is the awareness of our body movement and position) plus it also feels good! Check out our video to see how bare feet can create big smiles!

Kath Ellis | Head of PDHPE R-12