[Head of Secondary Message] Week 5 Updates

Secondary Update
The Year 12 students are well underway with their public examinations with the HSC students concluding this coming Monday and IB students continuing for another two weeks. We wish them much success in their results outcomes.

I would like to thank Mrs Michelle Needham who, as the Presiding Officer, has managed the enormous organisational task of the examination and invigilation processes with great aplomb. Thank you also to all the invigilators who have contributed to the examination operational success. I am thankful also to Mr Chris McCorkell, Dean of Studies, who is instrumental in maintaining our systems and ensuring that all the students are informed and punctual.

Now that Year 10 students have completed their examinations this week, and after a week of final preparation to follow, they will be off-campus for two weeks completing their Work Experience assignments across Hong Kong. This is a great learning opportunity for them outside of the classroom, and the businesses which provide the experience opportunities have our gratitude and thanks. Best wishes, Year 10, in your forth-coming Work Experience engagements.

Year 7-11 Semester 2 Reports
Semester 2 Reports for students in Years 7-11 will be uploaded to TASS Parent Lounge on 11 December at 12:00 noon.

You will be able to view, and download the report by following these steps:

  1. Log on to the AISHK Parent Lounge
  2. Go to Academic Reports (on the left panel)
  3. Logout

For parents of students who are leaving AISHK at the end of Term 4, please note that you will be able to access the AISHK parent lounge for Semester 2 Reports until Monday 16 December 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Secondary Office should you have any queries: secondaryoffice@aishk.edu.hk







Howard West | Head of Secondary