Uniform Changes from Monday 11 November

Primary Year 3-6 and Secondary students are to wear blazers and ties (Secondary and Primary boys) to and from school each day from Monday 11 November.

Boys may continue to wear shorts or long pants as they prefer for these continuing weeks.

Girls may continue to wear socks or choose to wear black tights.

Early Childhood students will wear their trans-seasonal uniform items appropriate for the changing temperature.

For the School’s Speech Day which will be held on Tuesday 10 December, boys are required to wear long pants. Primary girls will wear black tights with their dress and Secondary girls will wear black tights with their skirt. Black leather, lace-up school shoes are also standard, required footwear for all students.

We will be reviewing the students attire and conformity, from the arrival at school this Monday, with expectations that all items of standard uniform are in place and being worn appropriately. There will be follow-up where there is non-compliance.

Included are images of the required uniform items copied from the Parent Handbook.






A typical school shoe style for AISHK: