[Head of Primary Message] Week 4 Update

It has been a very busy start to Term 4 with many great activities taking place around the school. The students have settled well into their final term for the year. For Year 6 students, it is their final year in Primary and for our Preps, they will soon no longer be the smallest children in the school! It has been a wonderful year to date and we are looking forward to the final six weeks of the year. Below is an update of what has taken place so far this term and what it is still to come.

Year 6 Beijing Trip
The Year 6 students had a fantastic trip to Beijing in Week 2. In a very packed week, they saw the Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Chinese Opera, had a cooking class, watched a puppet show, went shopping, ate delicious cuisine and visited our sister school, Shijia Primary School. We are very appreciative of the parents who joined the trip as their help ensures it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. This is an outstanding cultural and language experience for Year 6 which creates lifelong memories for many students.

Year 5 Leadership Day
This week, Year 5 students spent the day learning about leadership in preparation for Year 6 next year. The students were involved in a range of leadership activities which included a group of parents offering their insights into leadership from their own perspectives. It was a valuable day for the students and a great lead-in for the those interested in applying for 2020 leadership positions.

Chinese Story Time
The Chinese story time sessions which take place during lunch playing time have been a great success so far, with many parents coming in every Friday to read to students interested in listening to Chinese stories. Both students and parents have immensely enjoyed this program and we hope to continue Chinese Story Time into next year.

Mental Health Awareness Month
In continued support of Mental Health Awareness Month, throughout October, students have been engaged in a range of activities as part of learning more about mental health and to promote talking as a way to reduce the stigma.

In Primary, these have included:

  1. Identifying our own network of people that we can talk to, especially about big feelings that stay too long and feel uncomfortable (Talk Trains).
  2. Learning about connections between our physical health and mental health, especially the importance of talking about both and taking care of both.
  3. Developing our emotional vocabulary and skills.
  4. Understanding that everyday conversations matter and considering ways in which we can be good listeners.

Prep -Year 2 Disco
For parents with children in Prep-Year 2, you may have heard your child talking about a disco recently. Today at lunchtime, the students had the opportunity to show off their dance moves to a few of their favourite songs in the auditorium. We had over 200 students attend (as a result the pitch was very quiet today!) and it was a wonderful atmosphere created. Thank you to the Primary SRC who organised the event. It was a lot of fun for the students.

Upcoming Events
Looking forward, we have a range of activities taking place before the school year ends that we hope parents are interested in attending:

Writing Workshop
If you have not signed up for the writing workshop we are hosting on 12 and 15 November, please click on the link here. This workshop will provide parents with an insight into what is important in writing and how we teach writing at AISHK. So far, we have close to 150 parents signed across the two sessions. These curriculum-based workshops we have run throughout the year provide a great opportunity for parents to understand how their child is learning at school.

Jingle and Mingle
Please make sure Thursday 5 December is marked in your diary for Jingle and Mingle’ after school as our end of year family celebration. Following similar formats in previous years, students will be singing Christmas Carols in their Houses along with a few other performances for the afternoon/evening. We hope to see many families attending.

Speech Day
As previously written about by Mr Hemphill, we will have one Speech Day on Tuesday 10 December for Years 3-11 at Hong Kong Baptist University. Prep-Year 2 will have a special assembly hosted by Year 2 in the Auditorium at school on Friday 6 December during which their prizes will be awarded. This year, Year 6 will host a graduating assembly on Tuesday 3 December in the auditorium followed by their end of year celebration. More details will be provided for parents of Year 6 students.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary