Changes to AISHK Laptop Program

AISHK strives to provide a balanced learning environment and curriculum, enhanced with an innovative digital technologies platform. In 2009, AISHK introduced the School Laptop Program resulting in a schoolwide, positive impact, with students utilising laptops in everyday learning across a variety of subject areas.

The Director of IT works closely with teaching staff to provide comprehensive digital programs, including the Laptop Program, which is reviewed annually in conjunction with the School Executive. This ensures the program continues to be an effective and empowering resource for teaching and learning. The review also evaluates whether our current vendors provide what we believe to be the most appropriate laptops, taking into account cost and quality. As a result of this year’s review, the School will introduce the following change to the Laptop Program:

As of 2020, the Laptop Program in Primary will run from Years 4 to 6 instead of Years 3 to 5. 

What does this mean for your child?

If your child is currently in Reception to Year 2:
Your child will not require a laptop until they enter Year 4. When your child enters Year 3, they will still benefit from utilising this technology in everyday learning as the school will purchase Chromebooks for use by Year 3 students.

If your child is currently in Year 3 to Year 5:
Your child will continue to use their laptop until Year 6. The purchase of the next laptop (for Secondary years) will now not be required until your child enters Year 7.

Parents are reminded that laptops purchased for students in Year 3 to Year 5 were issued with a 3-year warranty. This means that when your child is in Year 6, the laptop’s warranty will be expired. Please be assured that in the unlikely event that your child’s laptop has a hardware failure during Year 6, the School will, on a case-by-case basis, identify the most cost-effective and efficient way to restore the laptop, or arrange a short-term lease.

Students are expected and kindly reminded to take good care of their laptops and to protect them from wear-and-tear damage by using the provided carrying cases.

Should you have any queries regarding this change to the Laptop Program, please feel free to email Director of IT, Andy Griffiths:

Andy Griffiths | Director of IT