Join the 2019 Jingle & Mingle | Volunteers Needed

Join us for a wonderful evening at the 2019 Jingle and Mingle!

Date: Thursday 5 December
Time: 4:00PM-7:30PM
Location: AISHK Field

Something Fun for Everyone:

  • Student Carols and Rock Band performances
  • Student-led stalls and work display
  • BBQ, snacks and sweets
  • Bar
  • Commercial Stalls – sneak in some Christmas Shopping!

Volunteers Needed!
As we all know, many hands make light work. If you can spare some time and lend a hand at the Jingle & Mingle, whether at the bar, BBQ or Soft Drinks stall, we would be very grateful! Signing up is quick and easy:
Jingle & Mingle Volunteer Sign-up Form

Home-Made Food Donations
The PA is running a”Home-Made Food Stall,” with all proceeds going directly to the School.
We would appreciate any donations of your home-made savory or sweet treats such as Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Cupcakes, Slices, Cookies, Gingerbread Men, or any Christmas delights. To donate items, please fill out the following form and a member of the Parent Association will be in contact with you. Home-Made Food Stall Donation Form

We look forward to seeing you at the Jingle & Mingle!