[Head of School Message] Perseverance of Year 12 and Community in Challenging Times

This has certainly been a challenging and difficult week for all of us. There is no doubt that we are all experiencing significant stress as a result of recent events in Hong Kong.

I would like to applaud our Year 12 students (and their families) who have been sitting their final exams recently, including this week. Every single student turned up for their exams, under extremely difficult circumstances. They have determinedly continued on with their study, made alternative plans to get to school super early and they have tried their very hardest. The timing of this unrest could not have come at a worse time for them, but they have bravely soldiered on without complaint.

A huge thank you to their families who have supported them so well under very stressful conditions. If anyone was entitled to complain this week, it was our Year 12 students, but they haven’t.

Well done to you all. We are so incredibly proud of the way you have handled a very stressful week.

There is no doubt we are living in unprecedented times and this is understandably worrying for many of us. Decision-making at the moment is often extremely difficult. There are a myriad of opinions, viewpoints, multiple factors and much information to consider.

However, it is in situations such as this that we see the strength of our community. We need to be united and support one another. At times like this, I ask for your support. It is very easy to criticise others and the decisions they make, especially if you are not in their shoes. Sometimes, decisions are far more complex than they appear.

Let’s support one another and see how we can help each other.

A little kindness and a kind word can go a long way in these troubled times.





Mark Hemphill | 
Head of School