[Head of School Message] An Ideal World or a Real World?

Do you live in an ideal world or the real world?

If you were to believe everything you see on social media then the real world doesn’t exist.

I found the following entertaining but particularly relevant article in the Sydney Morning Herald this week, which I thought was well worth sharing.

We always need to remember that no child (or adult for that matter) is perfect and they will all make mistakes, make poor choices, get things wrong, do stupid things and embarrass their parents. However, you will very rarely see any of this publicly canvassed in the curated world of social media.

Making mistakes as a child is normal, is to be expected, is part of growing up and does not mean that your child is out of control and you are a bad parent. We will also all make mistakes as parents and we don’t always get it right with our children.

So, let’s try to drop the façade, stop judging others, lose our obsession with expecting perfection and start living a real life.
We will all then likely be far less stressed and much happier.





Mark Hemphill | 
Head of School