TEDxYouth@AISHK 2019

TEDxYouth@AISHK was a huge success on Friday 25 October providing inspiring and though-provoking talks as well as good company from across all of Hong Kong. The well-organised night was one to remember as guest speakers gave their perspectives on the theme of ‘Pressing Pause’; an idea which is so relevant and applicable to the fast-paced city of Hong Kong.

Joonsung Kim and Rebecca Leung delivered relatable content and shone light on the hidden truths within society. J Lou explored the idea of ignorance and the forms in which it exists, whilst allowing us to reflect on our own personal relations with close ones. A heartening talk from David Begbie broadened our horizons and left the audience empowered as he shared his fascinating and spontaneous journey.

Special mention to the Masters of Ceremony, Alice Lunt and Elizabeth Kwok for their charismatically captivating hosting, along with the wonderful musical performers whom provided amazing entertainment.

The night featured video presentations – including the infatuating trailer edited by Justin Or, noteworthy graphics and appealing set design. Lots of photobooth fun was had throughout with great food at intermission and audience members took home great memoirs from the night.

TED’s mission of “ideas worth spreading” was well achieved as the event surely sparked conversation and thought with all those whom attended.

An enormous congratulations to TEDxYouth@AISHK organisers Edwina Sze and Emily Kwok! Their hard work and dedicated over the past months proved worthy as the result of such spoke volumes and has no doubt inspired change.

Well done to the Executive Team for all their efforts in organising:

Alina Martin
Hayden Young
Justin Or
Sharman Tam
Ella Fraser
Ocean Hartnett
Krsna Hemlani
Ashvin Malkani

As well as the volunteers!

And special thanks to staff:
Mr Mark Hemphill
Mr Danny Freer
Mr David Christmas
Mr Howard West
Mr Julian Sabnani
Mr Paul Ng
Mr Peter Stapleton
Mr Robert White
Ms Brigitte McNamara
Ms Christina Carini
Ms Doris Yip
Ms Elise Kelly
Ms Jen Ng
Ms Tracey Manning