Year 5 Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Welcome back to Term 4 everyone! We hope the holidays have gone well for all of you and that the children are rested and ready for the next nine weeks of learning. We have lots of exciting things planned, which we know that they will enjoy. We endeavour each day to make the learning fun and provide a happy place for your child to learn and grow.


In English this Term we are learning and appreciating poetry. The students are writing their own poems and we will share them in our next newsletter and on Seesaw. We are also preparing for formal and impromptu speeches. These will be delivered in front of their class peers later this term. It is exciting times. Don’t be alarmed if you find your sons and daughters practising in front of a mirror!


In Mathematics we are continuing to create a culture that recognises and values mistakes as opportunities to learn. We are engaging in peer/self-assessment, feedback and revision of many Mathematical concepts especially times tables and basic number facts. This fortnight, we are focusing on addition of decimals and 24-hour time. Feel free to ask them to help with the weekly budget or add up the food bill!


The content in the Geography this term provides opportunities to develop students’ understanding of place, space, the environment, interconnection, change and sustainability. We will focus on the factors that shape the characteristics of places. The students explore how climate and landforms influence the human characteristics of places, and how human actions influence the environmental characteristics of places. Students examine the way spaces within places are organised and managed and how people work to prevent, mitigate and prepare for natural hazards especially floods and fires. The focus areas will be Venice and California.


Our Health focus for this term is on the hazards of smoking. We have looked at the chemicals that are added to tobacco and explore the associated vocabulary such as nicotine, vaping, carbon monoxide, emphysema. Our goal is to teach the students to care for their bodies and to make informed choices as they grow and change.


Each week in Sport the students will rotate around the different sporting activities. In Week 3, Wattle will have swimming and in Week 4 it is Waratah’s turn. In PE, the students are learning how to play badminton and every second Wednesday, Mrs Barbara Dudman will share her yoga expertise with us. The students just love it. We can see the notable difference in their ability to stretch and hold different poses. It has been a really worthwhile program for the entire grade.

October is Mental Health Month. This week at AISHK, we introduced a program called “Let’s Talk.”

We began in the Auditorium with a discussion surrounding what “Mental Health is” and how important it is to look after our small and big feelings. This was run by our School Counsellors. It is just as important to look after and care for our physical self as it is to look after our mental health. We followed this up with robust discussions about what happens if we don’t listen to our feelings.

WHY are we running “Let’s Talk”?

  1. To help children to recognise that talking about and sharing worries means that worries can be seen and this is helpful.
  2. To help children recognise that talking about and sharing feelings and worries makes worries less ‘big’ / overwhelming.
  3. To support children to identify trusted people that each child can talk to about worries/big feelings.

Term 4 is always very busy. We can hardly believe that in a little over 8 weeks the students will be moving into Year 6. The teachers need your help to keep developing independence and good habits at home. These include, packing their own PE and Sports gear, completing their allocated homework, ensuring they have their diary and it is filled in, home reading and returning library books etc. These will ensure a smoother transition into 2020.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year 5 Team:

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