Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 2

Dates to note for your diary

  • Week 3 Final week of swimming: Sport resumes in Week 4
  • Friday, 18th October 8:30: Primary Values Star Assembly – Year 3 host
  • Tuesday, 29th October 8:30: Digital Dilemmas
  • Friday, 1st November 8:30: Primary Assembly – Year 5 host
  • Friday, 8th November 9:10 – 10:40: Dental Clinic visit (for enrolled students)
  • Monday, 11th November: Remembrance Day
  • Thursday, 21st November: All day Years 3 – 6 Swimming Carnival, Kwun Tong Pool
  • Friday, 29th November 8:30: Year 4 hosts Assembly
  • Thursday, 5th December AM: Year 4 Arcade Games Festival


Our new unit this term, ‘Message in a Bottle’ is a study of the types of language we encounter and various contexts for language types.  We have introduced formal and informal language and identified when and where those types of writing / speaking would be found. These themes will be woven throughout the term in both reading and writing.  ‘Ziba Came on a Boat’ by Liz Lofthouse is a core text we will be using, talking about the feelings of a refugee child en route to a new life less tumultuous than her old life, but still missing all that was familiar.  


Our term kicked off with ‘Fraction Fun’, which was a very short recap unit covering fractions.  We revised the terms numerator and denominator and the concept of equivalent fractions, mixed numbers  and improper fractions. We used visual concepts of fractions as part of a whole, of a group and portrayed on a numberline.  Your child’s iMaths account is always available for practise. 


Geography is our focus for Term 4, using ‘Every Week is Earth Week’ as a basis for study.  We will specifically be addressing issues that affect South America and Africa, and touching on the similarities and differences of those issues as compared with Australia.  


Next week, as our final 2 swimming lessons, students are doing life saving.  To put that into an authentic situation, for both swimming sessions next week, we ask students to bring in normal clothes.  Long PJ’s, leggings, track pants, long sleeved shirt or thin long sleeved tops are perfect.

Hosting Assembly

Please note that we were to host Assembly on 1st November, but that has changed and we will now host assembly on Friday,  29th November, Week 8. We hope many of you will be able to join us then.

Arcade Games

We are slowly building up to this big event for Year 4 students and families and we would encourage you to add this event to your diaries – the morning of 5th December.  (We know how busy life can become in late November and early December.) We plan to show you an array of exciting games that our students will have created, programmed, consoles built and instructions prepared.  We can’t wait to share this with you!


As part of our Health Curriculum this term, Year 4 will be addressing various types of drugs.  This will include a general discussion of all types of drugs – over the counter, life-saving drugs, and illegal drugs, but our study will mainly focus on “hidden” drugs such as caffeine, and a variety of ways to treat ailments. There will be discussions about the pros and cons of drugs in different scenarios and for different purposes.   Delivery of the content will be via Power Point, general discussion, puzzles, games and reflection sheets. Class teachers will be involved in every lesson and are always available for you or students to talk to. 

We would encourage further discussion at home. If you have something to add, observations or you would like more clarification about the teaching of this unit, please don’t hesitate to contact your class teacher or Jo Spencer (PE and Health specialist) at any time.  

Further to health, AISHKParents’ Association is offering a session on ‘Digital Dilemmas’ on 29th October, 8:30 – 10:00 am.  Read more about that here:


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