Year 3 Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our first edition for Term 4. Here is what we are learning about this term:


We have started reading a class novel titled ‘Misery Guts’ by Morris Gleitzman. This book tells the story of a rather unusual, in fact remarkable, boy named Keith who one day decides that his parents are far too serious about life. He decides that he can’t stand living with people who have a large dose of ‘misery guts’, and so he initiates a bizarre sequence of events designed to cheer his parents up.

His first attempt to brighten their lives involves painting their fish and chip shop ‘tropical mango’. However, his birthday surprise is not received with the joy he anticipated. After a sequence of equally unsuccessful attempts to rid them of ‘misery guts’, Keith finds himself transported with them to a new place with its own set of challenges: Cairns in northern Queensland. His family’s attempts to cope with a new world should be familiar to many readers who have emigrated from another country.

The story behind emigrating to another country is certainly something that most of our students can relate to. However, working in a fish and chip shop is something they are not very familiar with.

We will be peeling potatoes in class one day but if you can try to batter and cook some fish and chips at home it would help them connect to the characters in the story. Or if you want, take them to a fish and chips shop, there is a good one on Caine Road in Central called ‘Hooked’.


Attached is a Mathematics unit outline for this term. It explains some of the concepts in more detail and has some examples to help explain them more clearly. If you wish, additional support materials for each unit are available upon request.

Our first few topics this term are time (analogue and digital) and 3D shapes. Students will be using their knowledge to invent their own clever card game, where they are matching analogue and digital time to daily activities. Card games offer an entertaining way to practise the social skills of following rules, taking turns, and healthy competitive interaction. This investigation gives students experience in giving and receiving positive, constructive criticism.

Practise reading the time with your child, you can ask how much time has elapsed or how much time until a certain event. Possibly even pull out a deck of cards and play some games with them, like Snap, Go Fish, or concentration/memory. Here is a link to some instructions for some card games:


Our unit this term is all about the geographical features of Australia. Students will be learning about the states and territories and major places in Australia, both natural and human. They will then use the information that they will learn to construct a pamphlet or digital brochure to promote tourism in Australia from their perspective. These brochures will show the students understanding of the similarities and differences between places and they may even examine climate and the types of settlements in Australia.


As a part of our Geography Unit this week we read Leigh Hobbs’ ‘Mr Chicken All Over Australia’. Students were allocated a state or territory to research in groups. Students are learning to research and synthesise information whilst collaborating with their peers. Mr Chicken visits interesting natural and man-made attractions in this hilarious book, places such as ‘The Big Prawn’, ‘The Giant Koala’ and the ‘Boxing Crocodile’.

Talk to your child about places you have been or would like to visit in Australia. Maybe even look them up in an atlas.

Important dates for the term

The busy season is almost upon us. Here is what’s in store and some important dates to remember:

  • Friday 18th October (Week 2): Year 3 Host the Assembly
  • 13th November (Week 6): Dental Visit (9:10-10:40am)
  • Thursday 21st November (Week 7): Primary Swimming Carnival at Kwun Tong Pool
  • Wednesday 27th November (Week 8): Transition Day
  • Thursday 5th December (Week 9): Jingle and Mingle Carols and BBQ
  • Tuesday 10th December (Week 10): Speech Day
  • Wednesday 11th December (Week 10): End of Year (half day and mufti)

Year 3 team:

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