Year 2 Newletter Term 4 Week 2

Welcome to Term 4! Can you believe we are now in our final term for the year? So much has happened but there is still so much to look forward to! We have been really impressed with the way our Year Two’s have started the last couple of weeks and there is no doubt that they will soon be ready for the challenges of Middle Primary! 

We have also given students a few important reminders to help them this term. Firstly, that toys and collector cards should not be brought into school. These items can sometimes be a distraction during the day, and swapping collector cards in particular, can lead to disagreements. If students have to bring in these items, for example, if they are having a sleepover after school, then they should remain in school bags. 

We have also spoken about where students should be before the morning bell goes. Supervision in the cafeteria and on the playground does not begin until 7.40 am. We are happy for students to come earlier but they need to be accompanied by an adult unless they are here for a sporting activity in which case they have a coach supervising them.

In order to foster further independence in our students, we also ask that children make their own way to class in the morning, without their parent or helper. This is another important step in helping them to get ready for Year Three as they will need to be completely independent in their morning routines next year. Thank you for your understanding.


In English, we have been learning how to write procedures and instructions. After looking at a variety of recipes and instructional examples, students have gone on to write procedures themselves. They have focused on writing clear steps which use a variety of time connectives to make their writing flow and also to add interest for the reader. 

Our grammar investigations have focused on prefixes, suffixes and compound words. Learning about compound words, in particular, has been lots of fun for students and they have enjoyed telling us about times they have spotted compound words outside of lessons.


Learning about fractions is a very important part of our Maths Programme. During the last week, we have been looking at halves, quarters and eighths in relation to shapes, collections of objects and numbers. 

Students have also been using Australian currency and have been presented with a variety of ‘real-life’ scenarios that have required them to make quantities using a variety of different coins. They will certainly be well-prepped to help with Christmas shopping during the next holiday!


Our current Science inquiry is focused on how living things change as they grow. We have been exploring the idea that living things look different at certain stages in their lives (and the reasons for this) and that offspring eventually take on the characteristics of their parents. 

We have not just been looking at animals, however. Exploring how plants change, and the reasons for these changes is an important line of inquiry. By planting and growing our own seeds, students will also learn more about the needs of living things. Watch out for updates on SeeSaw over the coming weeks. We are already beginning to see our first seedlings!

Year Two Dental Visit

On Monday 11 November, all students who have been signed up to participate, will be visiting the dentist. We understand that trips to the dentist can bring on feelings of anxiety in many children and if your son or daughter is at all apprehensive about the visit, please let us know. We can then offer them some reassurances prior to the day. Students going to the dentist will be accompanied by two Year Two teachers and two teaching assistants. They will be well looked after!

Crossroads Excursion

By now, you will be aware that we have an exciting excursion coming up in a couple of weeks time. With our Science inquiry in the second half of this term focusing on how the Earth’s resources are used, our excursion will form a valuable part of our investigation

At Crossroads, students will be taking part in an exciting hands-on programme titled ‘The Challenge of Water’. This simulation brings to life the burden of gathering water shouldered by the 1.1 billion people who lack access to clean water, and invites participants to consider solutions to help address this issue. The program is specifically tailored to our students and we are sure that it will be an incredibly worthwhile experience for them.

More information regarding this experience can be found at:

Students should wear their sports uniform with closed-toe shoes. Additionally, each child will need to bring:

  • Morning snack and a packed lunch (lunch provided for students who have pre-paid with Chartwells)
  • A rain jacket
  • A hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Personal water bottle, which can be re-filled at various stations around the site

‘Let’s Talk’

This week, you may have spotted several teachers around the school wearing ‘Let’s Talk’ badges. As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, the school has adopted the theme of ‘Let’s Talk’, encouraging students to talk about any worries they may have on their minds. 

In Year Two, we read ‘The Big Bag of Worries’, a picture storybook that highlights the importance of talking to people we trust about anything that is concerning us. In class, we talked about some of the different things we worry about, things we can and cannot control, and who students can go to when they need to talk. We made our very own ‘Talk Trains’ to highlight people at school and at home who can help us every day.

Later this month, the school will be holding a session titled ‘The Digital Dilemma – A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe in the Digital World’. If you are interested in attending or would like more information about this event, please follow the link below:

Diary Dates

  • Friday 25 October: Value Star Assembly
  • Thursday 31 October: Year Two Excursion to The Crossroads Foundation
  • Monday 11 November: Year Two Dental Visit
  • Tuesday 26 November: Early Childhood Athletics Carnival @ King’s Park
  • Thursday 5th December: Jingle & Mingle
  • Friday 6th December: Year Two Assembly
  • Wednesday 11 December: Mufti Day

Christopher Bird | Head of Year Two