Year 1 Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Welcome back!

The Year One teachers would like to say a very warm welcome back to our Year 1 families. We hope you all had a lovely holiday and we are enjoying seeing the smiling faces back in the classroom. Term 4 is going to be a fun and productive term. We will be trialing a new way of carrying out Teamwork Time where students will be allowed time to explore their own passions. So far we have enjoyed seeing the students share a topic they are passionate about with their peers.

With a new term there always comes some new reminders:

  • Can we please ask parents assistance to not allow your children to bring toys or smart watches from home to school. There are a number of reasons that this is for the best; often times these items can cause unnecessary conflict on the playground, they can be a distraction to learning, if they get broken or lost it causes unnecessary distress and we have so many wonderful things for the children to play with in the classrooms and on the playground.
  • This also includes trading cards; we ask that no trading cards come to school and there will be no trading of cards allowed during playtime.


This term our focus is ‘Characterisation’.  This is the method by which characters are established in a story using description, dialogue and action. Students will explore the concept of characterisation through literature by Aaron Blabey. They will gain an understanding of how characters in texts are developed and created using a combination of language and images recognising both literal and implied meaning in texts. Students will then create their own realistic and imaginary characters through texts that show the connection between writing, speech and images.

Over the last two weeks, we have considered the story ‘Pearl Barley’ and C’harlie Parsley’, which investigates how two very different characters are the best of friends. Aaron Blabey characterised Pearl and Charlie using actions and interactions, rather than describing the characters. After examining this technique, students have reflected on which of the two characters they were most like and explained which actions and interactions clarify this similarity.

Phonics: Long U sounds

We are continuing our study of the long /u/ sound: made by the following spelling patterns:

oo    ue    u_e    ew
with extension spelling patterns  ui ou. 

When reading with your child, see if they are able to identify different long /u/ sounds in words and how they are spelt.

Camera words: 

half girl would
good  first  saw


In Mathematics we have been continuing to problem solve and develop our ability to explain thinking and strategies during investigations. By working mathematically students also expand on their team work skills of collaboration and communication.

We have also explored capacity by measuring how much a range of containers can hold. Students then compared these containers and sorted them from smallest capacity to largest. In particular, students helped the teachers find which container would hold the most ‘coffee’ during their problem solving lessons.

Year One students also looked at 3D shapes, identifying their features (faces, corners, edges) and sorting them into groups. We were amazed to see the creative landscapes and structures that the students made using these 3D shapes.


I’m here, what’s over there?

This term, Year One students will be exploring Geography, looking specifically at natural, managed and constructed features of the environment. We have started mapping as a way of recognising features of our surroundings and will be questioning why we find particular things in particular areas.  Throughout the term, we will gradually explore our local area of Kowloon and beyond .

Notes and Reminders

  • Please continue to check student diary bags nightly and empty unneeded forms, sheets or notes.
  • No toys, smart watches or cards to come to school for trading/playing with during break times
  • If students arrive early they must wait in the cafeteria with an accompanying adult. Supervision begins at 7.45am.

Dates to remember

  • 25th October (Week 3): Year 1 presenting assembly
  • 30th October (Week 4): Year 1 visiting Kowloon Park for Geography excursion
  • 1st November (Week 4): SRC Early Childhood disco at lunchtime
  • 12th November (Week 6): 1B/1M/1N Dentist visit
  • 20th November (Week 7): Year 1 Geography excursion – beach clean up
  • 22nd November (Week 7): 1T Dentist visit
  • 26th November (Week ): Early Childhood Athletics Carnival
  • 27th November (Week 8): Transition morning
  • 4th December (Week 8): Transition afternoon

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili