Reception Newsletter, Term 4 Week 2

Welcome back Reception Parents!

It was lovely to see everyone back after the break. Everyone looked rested and ready for Term 4. Our last term together is going to be a busy one as we prepare for big school and transition to Prep. There are a few events coming up over the next few months. Please see below so that you can mark them on your calendar. There will be reminders in the diary as we get closer to the day.

Our Learning

Farewell Miss Trammy Mak

After 12 fantastic years at AISHK, we say goodbye to our very first Chinese teacher, Mai Lao Shi. We have loved having Mai Lao Shi come in and teach us Chinese over the last year. She has taught us funny songs, read to us and has patiently helped us with learning new Chinese words. We will miss Mai Lao Shi and her warm smile and wish her all the best in her new leadership role. We welcome Esther Ho who will be replacing Miss Mak until the end of the year.

Pumpkin Party

We had some excited Reception children come back from holidays asking about a Halloween party. We discussed the possibility of having some treats, decorating the classroom with ghosts and having a haunted house in the block area. We decided it would be a good idea to ask Mr Kean for permission before we planned too much. We then busily wrote him letters to see if it was possible to have a party. We discussed what we should say, and Ms Perry modelled the writing for us to copy. We excitedly delivered the letters and were very happy to get a response form Mr Kean. He said yes, we could have a party!

So, we better get planning! On Thursday 31 October we will be celebrating everything pumpkin and being thankful for what we have. We will not be dressing up in costumes but will be making our own mask, crown or badge to wear on the day. We will plan some fun games to play, make our treats and go on a treasure hunt for some candy! More information will be provided as we get closer to the date.


There have been a few more new posts on Seesaw, and this will continue throughout the term. It has been great to see so many families sign up and making comments. An email was sent out at the end of last term for families to sign up. Please let me know if you need any support in accessing Seesaw.

Focused Learning

There have been a few little changes in our learning space over the break. Our hospital has gone, and we now have a “The Kids Classroom” set up to help us with our transition into Prep. We have been very busy playing teachers and “teaching” the alphabet and numbers. We have been doing lots of writing in our school books and have enjoyed writing our letters and numbers on the white board. We have our own timetable and books and it has been lovely to see lots of busy work and learning being done.

We have been looking at patterns and discussing what makes a pattern. We have used paint stamps to make our own pattern using different shapes and colour. We have also been looking at word patterns when reading our stories and the different puzzles we have been completing, particularly words that sound the same such as cat/sat/mat. We discovered that words that sound the same are rhyming words! We will continue to investigate patterns and rhyming words over the next few weeks as this is an important pre-reading and writing skill to have.

We have some scales in our investigation area and we have been experimenting with different objects to see what is heavy and what is light. Can we balance the scales using feathers and shells? Are the pom poms heavier than the pine cones? We have made connections with what we know that is heavy, like an elephant and what is light like cotton balls. At our light table we have enjoyed exploring different coloured shapes and seeing what happens when we put two colours together. We have also enjoyed making houses for the butterfly we found on the roof top!

What Next?

The next few weeks we will be getting ready for the Party! We will decide what costume to make, write out invitations and decide what food and games to have on the day. We will continue to explore patterns and rhyming words and identity initial sounds.

Some dates to remember for this Term:

  • Thursday 31 October: Pumpkin Party
  • Thursday 14 November: Incursion
  • Wednesday 27 November: Reception Sports Day
  • Wednesday 27 November: Prep Transition (A letter will be sent out with more details)
  • Wednesday 4 December: Prep Transition (A letter will be sent out with more details)
  • Wednesday 11 December: Christmas Celebration
  • Wednesday 11 December: Last Day of Reception

Vanessa Perry | Reception Teacher