Year 9-11 Drama Evening – Tuesday 22 October

Join us for a night of performances developed by the Years 9 – 11 Drama students at AISHK’s Drama Evening.

Date: Tuesday 22 October, 2019
Time: 7pm
Venue: AISHK Auditorium

Learn more about the performances scheduled below:

Year 11

Year 11 Drama students Ashley Botfield, Thomas Cheng, Lucy Fuge, Sharman Tan and Rohana Utamchandani present:

‘Cheque Please’ by Jonathan Rand

A contemporary plat-du-jour, this satirical whirlwind of online dating, social media narcissism, broken hearts and multiple personalities will delight and exhaust.

‘The Boor’ by Anton Chekhov

Popov is owed money by Mrs Popov’s late husband and has come to collect his dues. He gains more than expected.

‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde

In this comedic social farce, Wilde ridicules the values of late Victorian English society. No institution escapes his acerbic wit. This extract reveals two young women discovering they are both engaged … to the same man?

Year 10

Year 10 Drama students present a folio of three comic monologues developed by Daniel Stapleton:

‘The Pilot’, ‘The Audition’ and ‘The Indian Waiter’ delightfully highlight personality foibles and experiences recognised by us all.

Year 9

Year 9 students Michelle Wong and Belle Yang present:

‘Wait Until Dark’ by Frederck Knott

This contemporary one- act drama lays bare the possibility of lies and deceit even between those that we know best. Gloria has taken a doll from Sam and Susy’s flat, a doll now known to be a prime clue in a murder case.

‘Blackout’ by Laurie Allen

Teenage life is not without its risks as these two renegade high school students discover.

Thank you for coming to this evening and supporting our wonderful Drama students. It has been a genuine pleasure to work alongside them this year.