Jump Jam Returns to AISHK!

With Term 4 bringing cooler weather, Friday mornings have jumped back into action on the oval. Jump Jam takes on an exciting new format this term with house groups taking on the organisation of the Jump Jam routines on a fortnightly basis. House Leaders and students from each house will decide who leads up the front on behalf of their house and the playlist order.

Added to the new organisation, we have over ten new Jump Jam songs and routines that will be slowly introduced over the term by each house. Each house has decided which new song they want to introduce, mixed in with the old favourites, and have been practising the routines to perfection leading up Jump Jam Friday’s. All songs and routines have been made available in video format for students and teachers to learn at any time.

Jacaranda was the first House to lead Jump Jam in Term 4. They chose to introduce the new routine ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ which was well received by the AISHK Community and included moves such as ‘The Crane’ and ‘Karate Chop’. The Jacaranda leaders from Year 5 and 6 did a fabulous job leading the staff and students who were a bit rusty from a two-term break of Friday Jump Jam.

We warmly invite the Parent Community to join the staff and students on the field at 7:55am for Jump Jam on a Friday. It’s a great way to start the day. See you there!