Prep Newsletter | Term 4 Week 2

Welcome to Term 4! Can you believe the children have nearly finished their first year of school? We welcomed some new families to Prep this term and the children have been so impressive and inclusive with showing our new students around the school.

The students have been super busy in class. This term they will not only be learning new things but consolidating what they have already learned throughout the year.


In Mathematics we have been learning to subitize and compare and order small collections of objects to 20. We continue to focus on Mathematical Thinking through problem solving; this allows students to analyse a problem and think deeply about the strategies that can be used to solve it. Once they have come up with a possible solution they then engage in discussion with their group members to compare ideas and to look for the most efficient strategy.


In Geography we have been discussing that the places where people live are important to them and giving a reason why a place is special. Soon we will be looking at maps and how they are an effective pictorial and symbolic representation of places.

Can we please ask that parents help children take 3 photos of their home (e.g. bedroom, lounge, dining, play room) for an upcoming activity. Please print them off or send them directly to teachers via email. We ask that this is completed by Wednesday 23rd October. 


In English we are continuing with our in depth study of story books, identifying the features of texts, discussing the main events and characters and retelling stories. 

Speaking and Listening

Our Speaking & Listening focus for Term 4 is dedicated to our Geography topic, ‘Here I Am, What’s Around Me?’. We have also added in some topics from our English program. Please remember that the children need your help to prepare for these sessions. They feel so much more confident when they have run through their presentation with you at home. We are looking for three things in particular; eye contact, a clear voice and being prepared.

Jump Jam

Jump Jam “Kung Fu” kicked off last week! It will continue every Friday morning from 8:00-8:15am on the field. Students from upper primary will rotate and direct Jump Jam by playing songs and leading the school with dance moves to match. The aim of Jump Jam is to not only help children to stay fit, but foster strong friendships and relationships across all departments and build a foundation of gratitude, compassion and respect among the student body. It is one massive display of unity, positive spirit and friendship. If it is raining, Jump Jam will be held in an alternate location indoors. 

Learning Journey Folders

If you have not returned your child’s Learning Journey, please bring it to school as soon as possible. We have already completed learning samples that need to be added in.


Mental Health Awareness Month

At AISHK we are supporting Mental Health awareness as part of the school’s ongoing commitment to student wellbeing. The theme of ‘Let’s Talk’ will be the AISHK focus for the month, in order to promote conversations about mental health and reduce the stigma that can surround the topic of mental health. From 16 October until 30 October there will be a series of events led by our School Psychologists, Bernadette and Jean, Head of PDHPE, Kathleen Ellis, and Director of Student Wellbeing, Kiely Murphy, for staff and students along our chosen theme of ‘Let’s Talk’.


As we come closer to the end of the year, some routines have dropped away and we need your help to pass certain messages on at home. No toys should be brought into school to play with or trade. These things should stay at home. If your child is bringing items in for their Speaking & Listening that is fine, but after it is shared, it needs to go back into school bags.

We have also found that many children are arriving early to school and not going down to the designated areas before school begins. Many children, along with parents and helpers, come up to the classrooms or hang around outside the door well before the start of school. The bell rings at 7:55am. No children or adults are permitted to be near classrooms unless a meeting has been arranged until that time. Children can either go down to the cafeteria or field from 7:45am onwards. There is no one on duty before 7.45am and children should be accompanied by an adult prior to that. Please understand that this is a safety issue and that it needs to be taken seriously. Thank you for your support.

Important Dates

  • Friday 25 October: Early Childhood Value Star  Assembly
  • Monday 28 October: Primary Parent Workshop – Writing (6:30pm – 2/F Auditorium)  
  • Thursday 31 October: Primary Parent Workshop – Writing (8:30am – 2/F Auditorium) 
  • Friday 8 November: Prep hosting Assembly
  • Tuesday 26 November: Early Childhood Athletics Carnival, Kings Park
  • Thursday 5 December: Christmas Jingle and Mingle (AISHK field 4:00-7:30pm) 

Kind regards,
Prep Team Teachers