ICAS Science and Spelling Award Winners 2019

Congratulations to the following student who have achieve a Credit, a Distinction or a High Distinction in the recent ICAS Science test:

First NameLast NameTestYear GroupResult
HaydenFungscience3B   High Distinction
Carlos Moyascience3B   Credit
Cedric Chuiscience3F   Distinction
Zachariah Leescience3F   Distinction
Lukas Tsangscience3F   Credit
Ashley Warescience3F   Distinction
Rayna Chowscience3H   Credit
Thomas Warescience3M   Credit
Thomas Boydscience4B   Distinction
Muzhou Caiscience4B   Distinction
Cooper Glanvillescience4B   Credit
Jadon Lauscience4B   Credit
PatrickSuscience4B   Credit
Jeremy Cheungscience4S   Credit
Daniel Cheungscience4S   Credit
AngusFungscience4S   Credit
Adabelle Shenscience4S   Credit
Henry Wongscience4S   Distinction
Kylie Huiscience4W   Credit
Matthew Walkerscience4W   Credit
MarcusChanscience5A   Distinction
Skyla Cochranscience5A   Credit
James Gohscience5A   Distinction
Daniel Leescience5A   Distinction
Teariki Shortscience5A   Credit
IsaacChengscience5P   Credit
SummerHartnettscience5P   Distinction
AidenSunscience5P   Credit
Helen  Luoscience5R   Credit
JasperPalfreyscience5R   Credit
Lucas Shenscience6A   Distinction
AlbertWangscience6A   Credit
Lachlan Chuiscience6K   Credit
Ryan Liuscience6S   Distinction

Congratulations to the following student who have achieve a Credit, a Distinction or a High Distinction in the recent ICAS Spelling test:

First NameLast NameTestYear GroupResult
Thomas Boydspelling-bee4B   High Distinction
Muzhou Caispelling-bee4B   Credit
Patrick Suspelling-bee4B   Distinction
Emily Changspelling-bee4S   Distinction
Jeremy Cheungspelling-bee4S   Credit
Daniel Cheungspelling-bee4S   Credit
Angus Fungspelling-bee4S   Distinction
SilviaLeespelling-bee4S   Credit
Valerie Leungspelling-bee4S   Credit
Adabelle Shenspelling-bee4S   High Distinction
Henry Wongspelling-bee4S   Distinction
Madeleine Gethingspelling-bee4W   Credit
KylieHuispelling-bee4W   Credit
Kyra Tsangspelling-bee4W   Credit
Matthew Walkerspelling-bee4W   Credit
WillWalshspelling-bee4W   Credit
EliasChowspelling-bee4Y   Credit
Grace Taylorspelling-bee4Y   Credit
Marcus Chanspelling-bee5A   Credit
GarethGriffithsspelling-bee5A   Credit
DanielLeespelling-bee5A   Distinction
Michael Kwanspelling-bee5B   High Distinction
LucasChengspelling-bee5P   Credit
Isaac Chengspelling-bee5P   Credit
ValerieDyspelling-bee5P   Credit
Summer Hartnettspelling-bee5P   Credit
DanielMcNeillspelling-bee5P   Credit
Petra Ngspelling-bee5P   Credit
AidenSunspelling-bee5P   Disitinction
Tallis Wilsonspelling-bee5P   Credit
Conrad Lospelling-bee5R   Credit
Eddie Weispelling-bee5R   Credit
Errick Luispelling-bee6A   Distinction
LucasShenspelling-bee6A   Credit
Albert Wangspelling-bee6A   Credit
Yu Huangspelling-bee6K   Credit
RoyceTongspelling-bee6K   Distinction
JoshuaChowspelling-bee6L   Credit
Amelia Gethingspelling-bee6L   Credit
Maxine Tsangspelling-bee6L   High Distinction
Trissie  Wongspelling-bee6S   Credit
Cheyenne Liuspelling-bee6S   Distinction
RyanLiuspelling-bee6S   High Distinction