[Head of Primary Message] AISHK Chinese Language Program

One of the most highly valued areas of the curriculum at AISHK is our Chinese language program. Living in Hong Kong offers our students a great opportunity to engage in Chinese learning. We have access to fantastic teachers and resources in the community and this is something that I value both as an educator and as a parent.  With students learning Chinese every day, we take great value in the Chinese program we offer at AISHK.

However, living in Hong Kong also provides challenges in that many students do not get the opportunity to use their Chinese language skills outside of the classroom. With this in mind, we are always looking at ways to provide students with an opportunity to use their language skills beyond the classroom. A great example of this is the Year 6 school camp to Beijing, which took place this week, where students are engaged and immersed in Chinese culture and language. One of the biggest highlights for our Primary students, they have had a fantastic experiences taking to the streets of Beijing, visiting our sister school, Shijia Beijing Primary School and visiting some of the most recognisable tourist spots in the world.

This year, we have had a group of parents who are helping to enhance our Chinese program. We now have Chinese Story Time in the library every Friday at lunch time, where students can choose to come to the library to listen to parents read Chinese stories. It is a wonderful initiative with close to 130 students attending our first session last Friday! This is a great way to show students that story time in Chinese is great fun and you don’t need to know a lot of Chinese language to enjoy the book! Please encourage your child to join the session every Friday.

We have also had a group of parents purchasing new Chinese books for the library to update our collection. This includes books with English, Chinese characters and Pinyin, Chinese characters and Pinyin and Chinese characters only (all simplified characters). These highly engaging and appealing books are now available for students to borrow and can borrowed in addition to the English books they choose from the library. Parents are also welcome to borrow books for their children. We will continue to expand this collection over the next 12 months and provide a more prominent space in the library for Chinese books to be displayed.

These new initiatives, along with along with established traditions at AISHK like Chinese Week, are a great way to promote Chinese learning outside of the classroom.

I am incredibly excited about the future of our Chinese program and look forward to sharing new initiatives in the future.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary