[Head of School Message] World Teacher’s Day

Across Australia today, World Teacher’s Day is being celebrated.

Hopefully each of us can identify at least one teacher who we remember as having a significant impact on our lives.

Three teachers stand out for me. Sister Eugene, who was my kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 teacher who taught me to read and inspired in me a lifelong love of reading. I remember as a little boy waiting at the gate between the convent and the school every morning for my beloved Sister Eugene. In Year 4 Sister Raymond was my idol and I remember her for her kindness and sense of humour. She loved the boys in her class, we could do no wrong in her eyes and she actually called us ‘her boys’.

In Year 12 Sister Alexis was my English teacher and saviour when the going got tough. I still remember our class discussions as we studied King Lear, Pride and Prejudice, The Tree of Man and the works of John Done and Judith Wright. More than thirty years later I still keep in contact with Sister Alexis. I was fortunate throughout my school years to have many teachers who inspired me and were instrumental in forming my values and moulding me into the man I was to become.

Today we thank teachers both past and present for the impact they have on the lives and minds of young people, by celebrating World Teacher’s Day.

We are incredibly fortunate at AISHK to have teachers who are committed and dedicated and really care about their students. Thank you to our AISHK teachers for all they do for our community.

Thank you also to the AISHK Parent Association for recognising World Teacher’s Day today by providing all teachers with a delicious cupcake as a token of appreciation for their work.





Mark Hemphill | 
Head of School