AISHK Parent Association Presents: “The Digital Dilemma – A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe in the Digital World”

As part of the school’s commitment to wellbeing, we are continuing to offer parent talks to our community. The aim of these talks is to build positive relationships and strengthen connections across the AISHK community, and to offer practical tools relevant to the landscape of parenting today.

Our Term 4 talk is titled: “The Digital Dilemma – A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe in the Digital World”. This round table style discussion will be co-facilitated by our Secondary Psychologist Bernadette Spencer, our Primary Psychologist Jean McPherson and Tara Bennett from the Wild Heart Project. Tara will be wearing two hats, one as an AISHK parent of a tween and teen and also as a Teen Life Coach, who works one-on-one with teens and facilitates workshops in schools. Tara has been working with Bernadette and I to deliver workshops to the Year 8s and 9s in Term 3 on managing emotions and the growth mindset.

In this parent talk to be held at AISHK on 29 October 8.30am – 10am, we will be exploring some aspects related to the current ‘digital dilemma’ in relation to our children and in some cases, with ourselves.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • the impact social media on our emotions;
  • factors influencing decisions about your child owning a phone;
  • recommendations about responsible digital usage guidelines (informed by Susan MacLean, Cybersafety expert)
  • ideas for conversation starters about children’s online footprint and safety
  • recommendations for websites and apps to manage your children’s digital usage.

Our School Psychologists, Bernadette Spencer and Jean McPherson, will also be sharing information on how digital devices can impact the ever-growing teenage brain.

We also hope that parents will share their insights and knowledge so that we can build on the wealth of experience amongst us.

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Kiely Murphy | Director of Student Wellbeing, Careers Advisor