Year 6 Newsletter Week 8 Term 3

Here we are almost at the end of Term 3 and it is certainly time to reflect on some of the great progress and achievements that our students have made. Science experiments in the making, debating, mathematical investigations… the list goes on. Year 6 classrooms have been busy indeed.

Important Dates

Tuesday 17th September

  • ICAS English
  • Year 6 Maths Problem Solving Day

Thursday 19th September

  • ICAS Mathematics
  • WAKKA WAKKA Talent Show

Friday 20th September

  • Mufti Day, End of Term Assembly 11:00am


**Please note the change of date to the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Disco. It will now be: Tuesday 3rd December

Graduation Ceremony: 5:30-6:30pm in the AISHK Auditorium, followed by the Graduation Disco. 

 More information will follow at a closer date. 


ICT and Cyber Safety:

The students continue to complete their Digital Licences as part of their homework as well as investigate each topic further in class. To date they have completed: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy, Searching and Researching and Social Networking and Gaming. This week, the focus was on Friends and Strangers. We encourage you to ask your child about what they have learnt this week and to show you what they are doing for their Digital Licence.

Thank you for signing the Susan Maclean contract with your child. We hope that some valuable discussion arose as you read through the contract and your child spoke about what they had heard.


Beijing bus groups were announced today. It certainly made the trip become very real to our students. Today, they sat for the first time, with not only their group, but their group leader. Together as a year level, we spoke about the trip, all of the incredible things that we will do, expectations and how day to day routines will work. Your child is sure to fill in you in at home.

The final letter regarding Beijing will be sent home early next week. This letter contains the packing list and some further points of information.

As has been successfully used in the past, this year we will be hosting a private Instagram Page to update parents on photos, highlights and information from the Beijing Cultural Tour. If you would like to join the page over the holidays, the handle is @y6aishk2019. The page is closed and private. If you would like to join and your Instagram handle isn’t recognisable as yours – please make sure that you email to confirm your account. Posts won’t start until next term. This Instagram account is not for students, but only parent use.


We have moved onto our next Maths investigation, ‘Sideshow Alley’ which covers the mathematical concepts of: Shape and Geometry. The students will be using their skills of scale, tessellation and design to create a model of a sideshow alley at a carnival in a creative and ‘hands on’ manner.


‘Plastics should be banned’ and ‘Social media can play a positive role in children’s development’, are the two topics that Year 6 students have been working on this week. On Thursday, our Year 6 Debating program took place. Thank you must go to our Year 10 students who were our guest adjudicators. Congratulations to the Year 6 students who have shown consistent energy in their research, preparation and delivery of their topics. Some very impressive teamwork was witnessed over the last two weeks.

In reading, we continue our SHARP reading program with unpacking sentences as well and summarising in our own words to explore meaning. Our novel study on the popular book, ‘Wonder’ continues to be enjoyed by our students.


In Science, our budding scientists have been posing their very own scientific questions relating to Natural Disasters in order to create their own experiment. The ideas that have been shared in class have really been wonderful to hear. We look forward to seeing the results.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 6 Team