Year 5 Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Dear Parents,

We have arrived at the last week of Term 3 and the students are excited for the holiday break. We hope you have enjoyed reading our fortnightly newsletters this term. Please read below for our last newsletter of Term 3.


Congratulations to the merit award recipients for this term. There have been some incredibly hard working students and it is always a pleasure seeing the smile on the face of each student when they receive an award.


It has been an amazing term for our young journalists. The students have been able to fine tune their informative writing skills and get in touch with their inner reporter by creating their own newspaper covers. They have learnt about the importance of the structure and formatting of newspapers and how they position the reader. They chose current affairs to cover and also searched various newspaper websites to gather more information and ideas. As a way to persuade the reader to read their newspaper, the students also presented them to the class and received some peer feedback for what worked well and what areas they could improve on. You will be able to enjoy reading through your child’s creation in their portfolio over the holidays.

We continue to encourage the students to read every night and hope that this will continue over the holiday break. Please have them retell in their own words what it is that they have read.


The students have been learning all about percentages, decimals and equivalent fractions. They have used their acquired knowledge to create a set of domino tiles following the traditional rules and requirements but used fractions, decimals and percentages to make up the numbers. With these tiles the students have been able to play games and to consolidate their mathematical knowledge. At the end of the game, each student filled out a feedback form for the student’s game that they played.

See photos below of some examples.


The term has seen many fun experiments take place and lots of curious students be able to plan, hypothesis, observe their experiments and record their results. We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of these on Seesaw and hearing about them at home. You will also be able to see some of the science investigations in your child’s portfolio.


This term, the students have worked with Ms Spencer to break down food labels, understand what nutrients are and where they can be located on food products. They’ve investigated plans to healthy eating and finally put all this knowledge together to create a daily meal plan. Please encourage some of the newly learnt vocabulary in the home when discussing food products or even when out at the supermarket.

We ask that you take some time to sit and look through your child’s portfolio and ask them some questions about their learning. There may also be some Seesaw uploads that you can enjoy viewing together also.

The Year 5 Team wish you all a safe and happy break. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful adventures when we start back on Tuesday 8th October.