Year 4 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

Dates to note for your diary:

Friday 20 September 11:00 End of Term Assembly

Friday 20 September 12:00 School finishes for Term 3

Tuesday 8 October Term 4 begins – PLEASE NOTE swimming continues as per Term 3

Wednesday 9 October 13:00 Orchestra and music photographs

Friday 18 October 8:30 Primary Values Star Assembly – Year 3 host

Friday 1 November 8:30 Primary Assembly – Year 4 host

We have continued our unit of positioning – using language and actions to best effect for the intended audience.  It has been a busy few weeks in terms of oral language, which we are sure you are aware of, as you have helped your children to hone their skills in public speaking.  We can say, through much experience, that the skills we are developing in our students are skills that they can take with them through life – from Year 4, to further school initiatives, to job interviews, presentations, and far beyond.  

“I’m late.  I’m late. For a very important date!”  Time is of the essence as we teach our students the skills needed to master  ‘iFlicks Movie Marathon’. Conversion of measures of time, alongside the reading of AM and PM times, timelines and timetables, all feature in this unit.  During this unit and over the upcoming holidays, it would be great to spend some time (all puns intended!) with your child talking about the units and passing of time.

Jump Jam
Some classes have already begun preparation for our Term 4 and Term 1 Jump Jam initiative.  In preparation for Term 4, we are practising a few movements to well-known songs. Next term we will again have Jump Jam sessions on the field at 7:55am – 8:20am on Fridays.  Each House will lead 2 sessions during the term.  

Our Year 4 Team of teachers were so impressed with the way our students got behind our Assembly today.  Not only did we have many obstacles, but we also had only one rehearsal session and many lyrics to learn to make this successful.  I am sure that you will agree with us, that our singers (for both songs), video stars, rock ‘lifters’, stompers, rock stars and MCs were a credit to all of us.  

Buddy Classes
To enhance and build upon our Peer Support, each Year Group has a corresponding Buddy Class.  Year 4 and Prep classes have been linked, with each Year 4 class having a set class that they interact with.  This will be shown in a variety of ways – perhaps with Maths games, Reading, getting together for Book Week activities or simply spending time together.


We have been so excited to see our younger buddies in “Stella the Starfish” performance this week. We know that this production has been the culmination of many weeks and months of planning and  practice for the staff and students of Early Years and we would like to congratulate them on a spectacular performance each night this week. Thank you for your support and your help this term.    



Cardboard boxes
Please send to school any small boxes that you can spare from home by Tuesday, as per the email sent home.  We will be starting some of the practical aspects of the formation of our arcade games and we need these for practice pieces.  

The Year 4 Team

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