Year 4 Newsletter Term 3, Week 6

Sharp Reading is the name of the game.  Although we have always done Sharp Reading as the method for our small group and class group reading, teachers have recently been upskilled in this very effective system.  Students are asked to unpack sentences with the phrase, “I think that means…” to develop a deep understanding of the text in a guided situation. This will then spill over into the reading they do independently and encourage depth of thought when they are reading.  

Oral language has taken a front seat these past few weeks, with students building up skills of eye contact, voice projection, expression and appropriate gestures.  Some of the speeches are simple and quick, but we are building up to more formal speeches. A feature will be a monologue based on a character in ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne.  Students will create their monologue to echo and enhance the understanding of the type of character they have chosen – a very snooty lady who thinks everyone else is beneath her, her son who puts up with his mother’s bossiness, an easy-going man who is out of work, and his daughter who has a sunny personality.  

Book Week was a lot of fun this year and once again, we thank Mrs. Atkins for the many hours of hard work she puts into creating the many events for this highlight. A memorable activity was the Kahoot of literary knowledge.  Each child answered questions about children’s books and were given points based on correct answers and speed. It was a fun and friendly competition. Then Friday was a big day, with nearly everyone (including many in the secondary school!) dressing up as a book character.  What a range we saw! Thanks to Mums and Dads for helping to create some very original costumes!

The unit we are covering at the moment is called ‘Marble Mash’, covering volume, capacity and nets of 3D objects.  We have begun it with exploration around volume and capacity using various measurements, both formal and informal units. A favourite activity was figuring out the number of Sugus that would fit into a tote tray!  Alongside that we are considering the sizes and shapes of 2D shapes that create 3D objects and learning about drawing nets. The final objective will be to create a rectangular prism and a pyramid, using an A4 piece of card (each) that will hold the maximum number of marbles.  

Buddy Classes
Each Year 4 class partners up now and again with a Prep buddy class.  Everyone gains from this interaction and it is delightful to see the friendships forged during these times.  Teachers liaise with the buddy class teacher to decide on appropriate activities for the session and this can range from reading books, maths games, writing and sharing with special events, such as Book Week dress-up day.  Buddy class is fun for everyone!

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Father’s Day
We LOVED spending time with fathers on Friday morning!


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