Year 3 Newsletter Term 3 Week 8

Wow! What a Term Year 3 have had. The amount of work we have managed to pack into 9 weeks has been nothing short of a miracle. From public speaking to Book Week, to our incursion with Jurassic Garage and Camp, it’s fair to say that Term 3 has been our biggest term yet. Here is a brief snapshot of how our term looked and what we have in store for Year 3 in Term 4 (it’s hard to believe we are saying that already).


This term we focused on ‘narrative voice’ and investigated 2 books; ‘Ziba Came on a Boat’ and ‘Suri’s Wall’. Both books had a theme of children who were in confronting situations (a refugee and an orphan). We looked at the images in the texts and matched the images to the words, particularly adjectives that the authors used. Students were given opportunities to use descriptive adjectives in their writing and learnt the importance of using adjectives to make their writing more interesting and engaging to the reader.

Year 3 were introduced to formal public speaking for the first time this term. The students learnt about what makes a good public speaker and had opportunities to prepare, practise and present their own speeches. Every child presented a wonderful speech to their class and should be recognised for their hard work and efforts completing what can be a very daunting task.


In our investigations this term students created quizzes on multiplication that they then tested on each other, older students and parents. They also observed the growth of seeds where they had to measure and record changes. These investigations consolidated and extended the students’ knowledge of multiplication and division, chance, measurement, calendars, days, weeks, months, years, probability and organising data.


Our focus this term was looking at classifying living and non-living (also once-living) animals and how they could be classified by using MRS GREN (ask your child about this acronym). We looked at animals that are invertebrates, vertebrates, reptiles and amphibians and what categorises these types of animals. Students discussed the difference between animals that were vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered and extinct and how animals were placed into these categories. As a wrap up to the unit, each child was given the opportunity to choose an endangered animal of their choice to research in detail.

Year 3 Camp Wrap-up

Last week, just in case you wondered why your home was so quiet, we travelled to Sai Kung for 2 nights and 3 days of fun and outdoor activities for Year 3 camp. We had the most wonderful time and the teachers can’t speak highly enough of ALL the Year 3s for their perseverance, resilience and effort over the 2 nights and 3 days. We are so proud of how well behaved the children were and how well they represented AISHK.

Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience at Camp:

“I loved canyoning because it was fun climbing up the river.” – Jed 3H

“I was surprised that the food tasted OK, also that canyoning was way much harder than I thought.” – Elara 3H

“Standing up on the kayak was challenging and it was fun falling into the water.” – Ally 3F

“The food was actually okay” – Monty 3F

“I loved canyoning because baby tadpoles are so cute.” – Elizabeth 3B

“My favourite activity was the movie night because I love eating popcorn.” – Gemma 3B

“My favourite camp activity was kayaking because we kept falling into the water.” – Maria 3B

“I loved canyoning because it was like an obstacle course.” – Isaac 3B

“It was amazing because there was delicious food and the activities were very fun.” – Thomas 3M

“Camp was super fun because there were lots of cool things we got to do like canyoning and making our survival shelters.” – Feena 3M

“I liked canyoning because we got to climb on lots of rocks and swim in the refreshing rock pools .” – Ellie

What’s in store in Term 4


We will focus on a unit of work based around the novel ‘Misery Guts’ by Morris Gleitzman. We will be reading the text in class through the term, looking at characterisation. The method by which characters are established in a story, using description, dialogue and action will be studied in detail.


The investigations will get the students creating card games about time and map out directions in a theme park. The skills students will learn are: time, 3D objects, angles, direction and symmetry.


Students will be constructing a pamphlet or digital brochure to promote tourism in Australia from their perspective. Students will recreate a map that shows: states and territories, capital cities, places of interest (natural and human features) and the main climate zones of Australia. Keep this Unit in mind should you be travelling to Australia for the Term 3 holidays and see any maps or brochures of landmarks that may be of interest.

Important Dates for Term 4

  • Tuesday 8th October: Term 4 Resumes
  • Friday 18 October: Year 3 host assembly
  • Thursday 21 November: Primary Swimming Carnival, Kwun Tong Pool
  • Thursday 5 December: Jingle and Mingle Carols and BBQ
  • Tuesday 10 December: Primary Speech Day, HKBU
  • Wednesday 11 December: Last Day of Term 4, dismissal 12:00pm

Year 3 team:

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