Year 1 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

Over the last two weeks, we have read the story Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. Utilising this story, students examined sentence structure, repeated patterns and synonyms for the word threw.  They also examined the plot of the story and recreated their own story using Stuck as inspiration. They planned their story sequence including a problem and solution. This process took several days, and the children wrote some great stories to share with you in their Learning Journeys.

Phonics: Long U sounds
We are continuing our study of the long /u/ sound: made by the following spelling patterns:

oo    ue    u_e    ew
with extension spelling patterns  ui ou.  

When reading with your child, see if they are able to identify different long /u/ sounds in words and how they are spelled.

Camera words: 

half girl would
good  first  saw

In Mathematics students have been showing their thinking when problem solving (including addition and subtraction problems). These problems usually have multiple answers and we are encouraging children to show their thinking with things from the room, drawings and number sentences. 

For example:  If Lisa had 5 lollies how might she share them with her friend Bart?


In our science unit we continue to explore changes and use our senses to make observations. Over the last two weeks, students have taken part in a couple of experiments including watching the reaction of baking soda added to sugar. While all the senses have been stimulated, students seem to be enjoying the sense of taste the most!


Stella The Starfish
Congratulations to all the students for their hard work performing 5 shows of Stella the Starfish. We couldn’t be prouder of them. They all looked and sounded amazing and should be very proud of themselves. Thank you to parents and care-givers for your support in helping us get ready for this amazing show. Well done to all involved!

Mr Ohlson brought his Blue Bots to year one again! Students had the opportunity to create their own mazes and test out their programming skills. The children got creative and drew chalk mazes, made them out of blocks and bricks, as well as tested how strong the bots were.


Notes and Reminders

  • Please continue to check student diary bags nightly and empty unneeded forms, sheets or notes. 

Over the holidays:

  • Don’t forget to keep reading with your children. This includes reading to them, listening to them read or sharing a book page by page.

Dates to remember:
Week 9: Friday 20 September: Assembly and Mufti Day – dismissal at 12:00 noon.
Term 4: Week 1 –  Tuesday 8 October  

Ms Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili