Reception Newsletter, Term 3 Week 8

Hi Reception Parents,

Where has the term gone? We are quickly heading towards the end of term 3 and we will be soon be enjoying some end of term holidays. After a few weeks of celebrations, it has been nice to reconnect and enjoy our learning space. There has been a lot of busy building in the block area and role play has taken over all areas of the classroom. Our last day of Term 3 will be on Thursday 19 September and we will be returning to school on Tuesday 8 October.

Our Learning

Tea Time

As we continue to explore our senses, we have been pouring and transferring some delicious mango passionfruit tea! We could smell how fruity it was and wondered if we could drink it, we very wisely decided it was not a good idea. We did have a lot of fun using funnels, pipettes and small containers to transfer and pour the tea carefully from one container to another. As we manipulated the water we discovered how if we poured too much the tea would over flow, if we poured too fast it would spill everywhere. We explored more/less concepts and empty/full concepts just by pouring tea. We also were developing our hand-eye coordination through pouring, squeezing and squirting the yummy smelling tea. At the end of the week we did get to taste (a fresh batch) of cold tea and it was decided it smelt like mangos but tasted like water!

Mid Autumn Festival

This made us think of the colourful lanterns that we had seen decorating our buildings for the Mid Autumn Festival and all those delicious moon cakes that we had eaten. We made some very colourful lanterns using lots of materials from the collage area. We explored shapes, made connections with our environment and turned our ideas into collage pieces. The collage lanterns allowed us to be creative using different shaped paper, materials and some awesome PVA glue which was sticky and fun to squeeze out. The lanterns looked very festive in the sunshine. We also made moon cakes using playdough and moon cake cutters. This was lots of fun to see the different patterns made by the cutters and sharing our moon cakes with our friends.

Jump Jam

We have started to learn some new Friday Jump Jam moves that align with the whole school Jump Jam program as it will recommence in Term 4. The school has bought a new program that has specific dance actions and movements that go with a variety of groovy songs. We have learnt Kung Foo Fighting (which is a work out or two) and we have enjoyed learning the new body movements and actions that go with the song. It has been good for our coordination and ability to follow directions. Next week we will learn the dance movements to Gangnam Style (due to copyright we are unable to send you a link to any of the songs). More updates will be sent out in Term 4.


As you may be aware AISHK has started using Seesaw in classrooms throughout Early Childhood and Primary. Seesaw is a tool which has provided parents with great insight into their child’s learning at school. Students have been able to share their learning from all classes on a regular basis with parents by posting on the Seesaw platform, giving parents an opportunity to comment and interact with their child in a safe and secure environment. This online journal will provide parents with a closer connection to their child’s school life at AISHK. The school has prepared a short informal video for parents to understand how Seesaw will be used prior Reception’s launch in Term 4. Please click on the link to the Dhanara article if you did not get a chance to view the video of Seesaw in action at AISHK. An email will be sent out next week on how to log on and access your child’s learning.

Focused Learning

We have been busy doing lots of writing recently and there has been a shift towards making marks on paper for a reason and with meaning. We have been doing this in our role play areas such as the hospital and cooking area, using small strips of paper to write on and take notes and take food orders, using clip boards in the block area to draw and record as well as the white boards to share recordings with others. We have used the writing table to make little drawings to put in envelopes, record numbers from the calculator and used letter stamps to write our name. Our classroom has been set up so that we have opportunities to play with ideas in different situations and with a variety of informal writing experiences so that we can make connections.


  • Thursday 19 September: Last day of Term 3
  •  Tuesday 8 October: Term 4 commences