Prep Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

Dear Parents,

Wow! We have made it to the end of Week 8, Term 3. The past fortnight has been a whirlwind in Prep. To say the children have been busy is quite an understatement.

Stella the Starfish Performance
What an amazing adventure under the sea we had with Stella the Starfish! I am sure you will agree that the children did an outstanding job and showed true stamina turning up for every show. We are so proud of their performance and ability to adapt to a unique situation in being a part of such a wonderful production.

Prep Learning
Literacy: The children are continuing to learn how to read and blend their phonemes to make words, as well as continue to learn their camera words. They are learning to recognise the differences between informative and imaginative texts. In particular, identifying the author’s purpose to either entertain or inform the reader. The children continue to engage in Speaking & Listening sessions with enthusiasm.

The topic for Week 9 is: Choose a living thing that has an interesting survival technique. Which one would you choose and why? For example; Chameleons can camouflage themselves to match their environment. 

Numeracy: We are continuing to develop a strong foundation in numbers 11-20 through lots of practical hands-on learning experiences. The children are now trying to apply this knowledge to some open-ended problem solving. They are developing strategies to solve problems including drawing pictures, making a table and acting it out. In volume they are comparing containers and discussing which container holds more or less.

Science: We have been sorting different things to classify them as living and non-living. We have also written an information text about how we know a certain thing is actually living. What do living things need to survive?

Early Departure Form
Please remember to fill out an early departure form for your children and hand it in to your child’s teacher or the primary office if you choose to take your child out of school before the last day of Term 3. The form can be found here: labelled as Student Absence From School.

Important Dates:
Last Day of Term is Friday 20th September. The procedure for this day is the same as Term 1 and Term 2. School finishes at 12pm. The children can come to school in free dress. No lunches will be served at the cafeteria on this day. School resumes on Tuesday the 8 October. 

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!


Thank you, as always, for your on-going support.

Kind regards,

Prep Team