AISHK 2019 Sports Awards – What Is Your Sporting Story?

On Thursday 29 August, AISHK held its annual Sports Awards for the 2018-2019 sports season. Each year we gather to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts, performances, and achievements of our finest athletes throughout the secondary school and the top end of our primary school.

AISHK welcomed parents, Mrs Veronica Monaci, President of the Parent Association, the School Executive Committee, Managers, Coaches, staff and students to this year’s Sports Awards ceremony.

Sportsmanship Awards

  Girls’ Sportsmanship Boys’ Sportsmanship
Primary Years Charlotte Christmas Albert Wang
Middle Years Tiare Short Cooper Wnek
Senior Years Ocean Hartnett Ethan Briscoe

Sports Girl and Sports Boy Awards

  Sports Girl Sports Boy
Primary Years Alice Harbottle Charlie Ware
Middle Years India Knowling Cheuk Yiu Lam
Senior Years Prue Steadson Temana Short


However, the day was not only about the awardee students sitting on the stage, it is also about all other students in the auditorium. The awardee athletes are representing their fellow students. No athlete can achieve great things without team mates, without competition, without opposition and without their peers supporting them. So on behalf of all the awardees, AISHK thanks all students for their contributions to sport.

Now more than ever, sport needs to be an important part of our lives. As technology grows and our diet and lifestyles change, people are becoming more inactive than ever before. Our physical health is suffering. Adults, teenagers and even children are glued to their devices. The social interaction that is a trait of human beings is disappearing and being replaced by screens. The physiology and anatomy of the human body is changing because of this.

Sport makes us lift our heads and communicate and socialise. What a great thing! We here at AISHK are lucky, sport is a big part of our school’s culture. Let’s keep this in mind going in to 2019-2020.

Sport: What’s Your Story?

This year, a mini documentary was produced and screened at the Awards Ceremony. The aim was to convey how closely aligned our school motto of ‘Connect, Strive, Flourish’ is to sport.

Sport and physical activity is not always about being elite or winning everything. Connect, strive, flourish is personal to everyone. Everyone has a different story to tell when it comes to sport.

Our five students who feature in this video are all of different ages and backgrounds, play different sports and have a different story to tell. Following this video, ask yourself “what is your sporting story?






Tim Tait | Director of Sports & Activities