Year 9 IST Virtual Reality Excursion

On 12 September, the Year 9 Information Software & Technology (IST) students visited Zero Latency VR to experience an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment. During this excursion, students worked together to rescue a space station from an out-of-control artificial intelligence. Unlike most VR experiences, Zero Latency VR offered the students an opportunity to move around a large, open space without being restrained by clumsy wires and cables. With the aid of cutting-edge motion-tracking sensors and clever level design, the IST students were able to move freely, experiencing and interacting with complex virtual spaces and working as a team to fight off waves of robots. They fought bravely and in the end, the humans were victorious… but for how long?

This visit will help prepare the students for an upcoming project where they will work to create and code their own 3D virtual reality games. Students will be using Unity, a professional-level games development platform to create games that they will be able to experience using AISHK’s new Oculus Quest VR headsets. Unity will be used to create the 3D environments for their games and they will add interactivity using C#, a robust and flexible multipurpose coding language. Unity has also been used to produce commercially successful games like Hearthstone, Beat Saber, Overcooked, Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go and many, many more.

Danny Freer| Teacher, ICT & Design