Delegates Attend Annual CDNISMUN Conference

For the fourth time, AISHK sent a small team of 9 delegates and one Chair to the Canadian International School (CDNIS) to attend their annual conference, CDNISMUN. The three-day conference took place from September 20 to 22. This weekend was actually the first weekend of the Term 3 break, hence the small number of people attending. Despite this our students approached the conference with great enthusiasm. Some excited to reunite with old friends from previous conferences and everyone anticipating making new companions.

With topics ranging from revisiting the Rwandan genocide in the International Court of Justice, the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 in the Historical Security Council, or the role of NATO in the Mediterranean Sea, the conference invoked thoughtful solutions and discussions for our students to tackle. Each student contributed their best efforts into the debate, with Toby Dear (8J) receiving an award for Most Improved Delegate. Special mention needs to be made to Richard Leow (10E) and Claudia Wong (10W) for their leadership both in the conference (even though they did not attend), and in training/catch up sessions throughout the term before the conference.

Congratulations to all participating students for their dedication to the conference, and in particular to Ivana Yue (7H) and Alton Qui (7E) as for those students CDNISMUN was their first “external” MUN conference after AISMUN.

Henryk Flak | Secondary HSIE Teacher and Head of MUN