Careers Corner – Term 3 Update

It has been a very busy term for our students in Year 10, 11 and 12, with lots of important conversations and choices being made, as we prepare our senior students for the transition from school to the world of work and tertiary study. 

Year 10 Work Experience: 18-29 November 2019
Year 10 students are in the process of securing Work Experience placements. They have written emails to companies and the offers of places have started to come in thick and fast. Work Experience gives students the chance to adapt to the routines, discipline and practices of a workplace of their interest, and is often an extremely rewarding experience. Students often make important decisions about career pathways based on their placement, even if it is just to rule out a particular career pathway which they realise may not be for them. All decisions like this are positive ones, and at AISHK we equip students with the ability to reflect on their decisions, as part of our career guidance. 

Year 11: Post-School Planning Research and Interviews
With their examinations around the corner in Week 8, Year 11 students are now being asked to focus on doing some research and reflection on their post-school pathways. They have been introduced to far too many acronyms like ATAR, VTAC, UAC and UCAS, but the main focus this term has been to explore and discover what options are available for them. This has been done during Well Being and Home Room lessons, and students are encouraged to follow-up their research by having conversations with their Careers Advisor, teachers and parents, before they sit down for more formal careers interviews in Term 4. 

Year 12: University Applications
Now that the Trial Examination results are in, our talented Year 12 students are finalising their university applications. HSC students should use their examination scores to calculate a possible ATAR rank on sites such as HSC Ninja ( All students should ensure that they are applying for courses and residential colleges whose entry requirements match their academic and all-round profiles. Some important dates and deadlines are below:

  • Friday 6 September – University Form Part B to be given to Careers Advisors
  • Friday 13 September – All Australian university applications (First Round) should be made
  • Friday 20 September – All UK applications should be submitted through UCAS

Teachers are busy writing recommendations and references for Year 12 students and students must keep in regular contact with their Careers Advisor over the next few weeks to ensure that applications proceed smoothly. 

Ian Pomeroy | Careers Advisor Kiely Murphy | Careers Advisor Anthony Murphy | Careers Advisor