[Early Childhood Musical Recap] “Stella the Starfish” Makes a Splash!

This week, the Early Childhood Musical took us on an exciting, underwater adventure with Stella The Starfish splashing onto the stage!

A biennial event, the Early Childhood musical is a stunning showcase of our Preparatory, Year 1 and Year 2 performance skills. This year was certainly no exception with all students, staff and parents working very hard to create a memorable musical. From the Clownfish Family and Water Dancers to the narrators and lead roles, the musical provided an array of opportunities for students to shine and express themselves in their own way.

The story of Stella the Starfish reinforces the message and theme of being helpful to each other. When Stella is found by two children, she is lost and alone, looking for her family. Through the powers of the magic shell and the advice of the colourful sea creatures, she is finally able to find her family.

Re-live the adventure with our musical highlights video above and photo gallery below. 

Heartfelt thanks to:

The Early Childhood students of Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 who have been exceptional in preparing for and presenting five performances of Stella the Starfish. We count ourselves as very fortunate to be teaching these fantastic children.

All the wonderful parents that came in to volunteer for our two costume and prop making days; sewed up a storm to complete and embellish costumes; and volunteered to assist in classrooms prior to and after the shows. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The tireless Early Childhood staff who have magically and creatively woven Stella the Starfish into the fabulous production it is. They have used it to enhance their teaching and learning programs, have tirelessly sung Stella the Starfish in their dreams at night, and have worked so hard at every stage of the pre-production and performances.

Our exceptional Teaching Assistants, who go above and beyond in contributing their time and enthusiasm to make this event run smoothly for our students in Early Childhood. To those not already mentioned as part of our Production Team, we salute you.

The generous staff from all areas of the school who willingly volunteered to help with a variety of front of house and classroom supervision tasks; Emma Knight, Lynda Lemmon, Olivia Ashton, Kath Ellis, Jo Spencer, Andrew Wookey, Cameron Reed, Joy Chung, Brendan Kean, Joshua Aghion, Kiely Murphy, Fran Wong, Winnie Mo, Rena Chui, Lynette Wong, Mandy Mansbridge, Donna Botfield, Jean McPherson, Winnie Yung, Trammy Mak, Nancy Chui, Judy Kuang and Kerstin Grevis-James.

Production Team:

Producer Cathryn Moore
Directors Stephanie Clarke, Charde Negus
Music Directors Peter Stapleton, Anita Lee, Priscila Chui
Drama Coaching ECA Lesley Stewart, Rachel Collins, Stephanie Clarke, Charde Negus
Dance Coaching ECA Demmin Smith, Sarah Galvin


Charde Negus, Jessica McCarthy, Melissa Brown, Sarah Galvin, Monique Weston, Amanda Lance, Doris Yip, Jacky Bliss
Make-up and Hair Simone Maclay, Sarah Sitthitheerarat, Indica Herbert, Sumiyya Mohammad
Set Design Rachel Austin, Marnie Hunt, Karina Ye
Set and Props Construction Dwayne Brown, Nathan Boon, Monique Weston, Diana Toufeili, Cassandra Ward, Teresa Liang, Amy Cladingboel, Michelle Marsh, Nicola Tinlin, Amanda Lance, Peta Nasr, Laura Johnson, Stephanie Chui, Ali Tsoi, Corazon Griffiths, Vanessa Perry
Backstage Assistants Peta Nasr, Sarah Sitthitheerarat
Backstage Coordinator Kate Beange
Technical Director Stephanie Clarke
Audio/Lighting Directors Thomas Chiu, Ruby Chu, Paul Ng
Administration/Ticketing AJ Dyka, Cathryn Moore
Media and Marketing Cathryn Moore, Brigitte McNamara, Christopher Bird
Photography and Filming Edmund Sze, Carl Ohlson