[Head of Primary Message] Term 3 Week 8 Update

Early Childhood Musical
It has been a very big a very big week for our Early Childhood students. They have performed for close to 1,200 people over 5 different performances and it was amazing to watch their confidence on stage grow over the week. The feedback from the audience has been overwhelmingly positive and we are all incredibly proud of the students and their achievement. I am sure there will be a few tired students this week and will be well and truly needing a holiday after next week!

Thank you to all of our parent helpers for assisting with the props and helping getting students ready for the week. Thank you to our teachers for all their hard work with a special mention to our producer, Cathryn Moore and Directors, Charde Negus and Stephanie Clarke who have helped put this musical together. Please click here to see a more detailed review of the musical.

Staffing Update
Ms Trammy Mak, one of our Chinese language teachers will be leaving us at the end of Week 2 next term as she is taking up a leadership role at a new international school in Hong Kong, Invictus. Ms Mak has been with the school for 12 years and we wish her all the best in her new leadership responsibility. We are pleased to announce that Ms Esther Ho, who has completed supply work in the Chinese department with us before will replace Ms Mak until the end of the school year. We are also saying farewell to Priscila Chiu, our part time music teacher, who will leave us to pursue her interests of producing and charity work.  Ms Rose Millington, will take over as the Music teacher starting Term 4 until the end of the school year. Both teachers will be missed by the school community.

School Camps
We are pleased to inform parents that in 2020, school camps for Years 3, 4 and 5 will all take place in the same week of Term 1 (Week 9). For next year, this will also align with secondary activity week. We believe having all the camps early in the school year gives teachers an opportunity to get to know their students and help develop stronger teacher-student and student-student relationships across that year level. It will also mean that parents with multiple children in the school will have all their children on camp in the same week. It provides Early Childhood students with access to the school facilities for themselves, so there is an opportunity for them to use different parts of the school throughout the week. At this stage, we are unable to move Year 6 camp due to the timing with our sister school in Beijing, so this will still take place in October 2020. Our Year 3 students arrived back today from their camp in Sai Kung. After a warm week and great activities including kayaking, canyoning, hiking and survival skills, the students should sleep very well this weekend!

It has been a very busy and successful Term 3. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday over the September break and for the families that are leaving us at the end of next week, we wish these students all the best in their new adventure.





Brendan Kean |
Head of Primary