[Head of School Message] It’s Time to Take Responsibility

One of the things which fascinates me about our current world is how easily people abdicate responsibility for their own actions and decisions. If someone now trips over in the street, because of an uneven path, it is more than likely they will blame the local council, rather than accepting that they might need to look where they are walking. It seems as though nobody wants to take any personal responsibility anymore.

We also witness this growing phenomenon in schools. As parents, we would all love to think that our children are perfect. But believe me, there are no perfect people in the world. Children in particular are not perfect, and we shouldn’t expect them to be perfect. All children will make mistakes, tell untruths, and make poor choices. This is all part of growing up.

It is through making mistakes that our most meaningful learning takes place. As parents we need to accept that at times all our children will do something we would never expect, which may shock, upset, disappoint or embarrass us. Although difficult to accept this is all very normal.

When our children make these mistakes and poor choices, we should not deflect the responsibility, deny their wrongdoing or blame someone else. Instead, parents need to use these opportunities to educate their children by acknowledging that we all make mistakes; that we need to learn from these mistakes and that we should accept the consequences for our actions and choices.

It is sometimes difficult for us as parents to accept that our children are not perfect. By allowing our children to make mistakes and accepting responsibility for their own words, actions and choices, we know they will become better adults, as they will have learnt from their mistakes, when the stakes aren’t quite so high.





Mark Hemphill | Head of School