Certificate of Appreciation from the Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE)

Jacaranda House is pleased to share a Certificate of Appreciation  from Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE) and the following letter of appreciation. Thank you to all who contributed to the Jacaranda Mufti Day and to this wonderful result for children in need. 

“Once again on behalf of the Board of the Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE), I would like to thank you and Will, your colleagues and the children and school community of the Australian International School Hong Kong for the generous HKD 36,000 donation you are making to the Foundation this year. We have attached a Certificate of Appreciation which I hope you will be able to share with your school community. Please advise me if you would prefer different wording which you may consider more appropriate.

I can remember all of the gifts your school has made to the foundation, some things such as pens, pencils and crayons are obviously consumed, but when I look around our school there are also permanent reminders of your support. We converted some of our redundant dormitories into 4 classrooms which enabled us to expand our school by around 100 students, and again with your support, we have decorated these rooms and made them much more educationally interesting for the children. Our centre now has 410 children attending classes from pre-school to secondary school and skills training. We are currently trialling a nursery school, with children of some staff members, which we plan to offer to the community in 2020.

Peter, and now Anne, rely heavily on generous support and donations, such as those from your school to help us to continue providing underprivileged Cambodian children with supplementary education. This year, we also extended scholarships to five students to attend university and all 5 succeeded in their first year of studies with an American University in Battambang. All of these teenagers also have part-time jobs. This will not only be life changing for these students, but will also help their families to survive and hopefully in the longer term prosper.

With support from communities such as the Australian International School Hong Kong, we can inspire our staff and Cambodian employees and we can all make a difference in Cambodia.”

Jo Reed | Head of House, Primary (Jacaranda)

Will Campbell | Head of House, Secondary (Jacaranda)