Year 6 Newsletter Week 6 Term 3

Book Week, Primary Music Recitals,  The SRC Disco, a visit from Australia’s Cybersafety expert Susan Maclean,  swimming survival skills, Eucalypt Mufti Day, the Sports Awards Assembly and our first ever Father’s Day morning! It’s certainly been a busy two weeks since our last Year 6 Newsletter!

Important Dates: 

September 2nd-3rd: Sport and Performing Arts photographs

Wednesday 4th September- ICAS Science

Thursday 12th September- ICAS Spelling, Year 6 Debating

Friday 13th September- Primary Assembly 8:30am


**Please note the change of date to the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Disco.It will now be: Tuesday 3rd December

Graduation Ceremony: 5:30-6:30pm in the AISHK Auditorium, followed by the Graduation Disco. 

 More information will follow at a closer date. 


ICT and Cyber Safety: 

The students continue to complete their Digital Licences as part of their homework as well as investigate each topic further in class. To date they have completed: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy,  Searching and Researching and Social Networking and Gaming. 

This week, we were very lucky to have Australian Cybersafety specialist, Susan Maclean join us and speak to our Upper Primary students. A very worthwhile session of wise words and helpful hints.  Susan really got our students thinking and some poignant questions arose. Today your child has taken home the worksheet that they used during this session. They have been asked to show you and explain what was spoken about. Susan spoke of this as a contract in which it was shared, discussed and signed by the parents and the child and returned to the classroom teacher. 

We do appreciate your continued support in contacting your child through the Primary Office, if necessary. This helps us to ensure that mobile phones are not used throughout the day.


We have moved onto our next Maths investigation, ‘Practice makes perfect’ which covers the mathematical concepts of: Chance, Data and Probability. Can you flip 8 counters on your elbow a designated number of times? This is the challenge that we are undertaking and will represent our findings on line graphs which will then be analysed using a wealth of mathematical language.  We will then progress onto your next Unit which explores Shape and Geometry. 


Should you learn a second language? Should everyone play a musical instrument? These are some of the topics that we have been investigating in writing to persuade. Our Year 6 students  are even taking it a step further by using our own research and questioning skills to really strengthen their arguments. Our Year 6 students have begun learning how to plan and prepare for debates. This week we have looked at the structure and roles of a formal debate and have started to learn how to best prepare as a team.

In reading, we continue our SHARP reading program with unpacking sentences as well and summarising in our own words to explore meaning. Our novel study on the popular book, ‘Wonder’ continues to be enjoyed by our students. 

The Year 6 teachers have really enjoyed watching the Via and Summer video journals that were part of their homework in Week 5. It is an engaging way to step into a character’s shoes and explore what they are experiencing as well as summarise the main events of the text so far. We certainly have some budding thespians amidst us. 

When looking through the perspective of Auggie’s older sister, Via, the Year 6 students responded to an extract in the novel, when Via describes her brother’s face. Through a visualisation and listening activity, the students sketched Auggie. They then wrote some very touching poems whilst ‘looking through Via’s eyes’. 


The students have delved even further into exploring perspectives and humanity in the ‘Paper crumpling’ activity. After reading about the horrid names that Auggie is called every day of his life, the students were given a plain, ‘perfect’ sheet of paper and asked to step into the ‘bullies’ shoes and say nasty things to the paper as they scrunched and screwed it up. ‘Ugly, weirdo, you’re uninvited to my party’ etc. were the mean taunts that were heard. Then, the vibe of the room certainly took a change when the students stopped and began to apologise to the paper for each hurtful thing that they said whilst attempting to unscrew the straighten the paper out. 

A deep discussion then followed with the observation that no matter how sincere their apologies were and how much regret they felt, the paper was nowhere near the, unharmed state when they first received it. ‘These wrinkles and rips are the emotional scars that Auggie will forever carry’, was a final message from the discussions. 


In Science, we have completed our unit on Physical and Chemical Changes. Which solute caused the nail to rust the fastest? There was certainly some surprising results. We are now delving into our next scientific investigations on Natural Disasters where students will research and create their own experiments based on their chosen natural disaster. 

Health and PE:

We have continued to learn more about healthy eating to help prevent lifestyle diseases in our weekly Health lessons. 

This week also saw the end of our 6 week Swimming program.The very important skills of survival swimming were taught as the students dove into the water dressed in clothing. 

 As of next week, Year 6 Sport will return on Thursday afternoons. Each class will have a swimming lesson during their Physical Education class. 

Euca Mufti Day: 

Our Euca students were certainly keen to be green on Wednesday. Congratulations to our Euca House Captains for helping Mr Price run an outstanding Euca Mufti Day. All money raised will go to the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

Book Week: 

Book Week was a kaleidoscope of colour! It was fantastic to see our Year 6 students all dressed up! A big congratulations must go to our hard working Library Monitors. A sensational Assembly and a very successful week of celebrations was had. Their support to Mrs Atkins did not go unnoticed.

Library Monitors 2019: 

Scarlett Ezekiel, Hannah Walsh, Liana Martin, Annabel Spencer, Emily Yule, Matilda Dear, Michael Pearce, Henry Bristow, Wilkson Lee, Sarah Broderick, Yu Huang, Royce Tong, Dana Retboell, Tong Ng, Sienna Woodyard, Aria Thompson, Natalia Ezekiel, Maxine Tsang, Jessica Phillips, Jacqueline Chung, Sia Tong, Alice Wong, Trissie Wong, Kylie Roberts

Primary Music Recitals: 

Year 6 certainly does have talent! This was very evident with twenty Year 6 students performing. The hours and hours of practice, focus, perseverance, resilience and patience that go into learning a musical instrument was certainly evident. Congratulations go to: Charlie Ware, Joshua Chow, Samuel Stapleton, Maxine Tsang, Natalia Ezekiel, Jessica Phillips, William Ellis, Georgia Barnes, Emily Yule, Lucas Shen, Liana Martin, Jasper Lo, Matilda Dear, Ryan Liu, Annabel Spencer, Albert Wang, Kieran Mercurio, Remi Apostolopoulos, Cambel Oxley and Lachlan Chui. 

Sports Award Assembly: 

We have many young athletes in Year 6. This week, the hard work and dedication of some were acknowledged. A big congratulations to: Albert Wang, Charlotte Christmas, Potter Leung, Shanae Ohlson, Errick Lui, Alice Harbottle, Lindsay Tang, Sarah Broderick, Charlie Ware, Samuel Stapleton, Sophie Flinn, Cheyenne Liu and Thomas Christmas. 

Father’s Day: 

This morning was a huge success. After a delightful breakfast, the activities were certainly on and our Year 6 students taught their Dad’s a thing or two about SCRATCH computer programming. Thank you to all of the Dads for joining us today. 

Maths Problem Solving Day: 

We are calling out for parent helpers to assist us with our Maths Problem Solving Day. This will be held on Tuesday 17th September (Week 9). The event will run from 1pm through to approximately 2:30pm. Your assistance would be required from approximately 12:45pm to run through the rules and the system. You need not be a mathematical genius to assist as answer sheets will be provided, you will only be ticking off an answer at a time as two to three groups of keen problem solvers bring their answer sheets to you. It’s fast, furious and fantastic fun! Please let Lynda Lemmon know if you are available. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The Year 6 Team