Year 6 Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

It is hard to believe that we have almost reached the halfway point of Term 3. The Year 6 classrooms have certainly been overbrimming with learning and investigations. 

Important Dates: 

Week 5: Book Week 

Thursday 22nd August (10:15-12:15): PrimaryMusic Recitals 

Friday 23rd August: Book Character Dress up Day 

Friday 23rd August (9:20am) : Primary Assembly (Hosted by the Library Monitors) 

Friday 23rd August: SRC Primary Disco 

Wednesday 28th August: Eucalypt Mufti Day 

Thursday 29th August (1:15pm) Sports Awards 

Friday 30th August: Father’s Day Event 


Imagine if you found an abandoned suitcase that contained $ 1 000 000 Australian dollars. First you would need to work out if you can neatly fit all of the money in with the dimensions that you’ve been given. Next, you would have to work out if  you’d be able to carry it? These are the questions that our students are exploring in Mathematics. 

After some collaborative problem solving involving surface area, the students have begun their iMaths investigation, ‘I’ve found a million dollars’. They will be applying the skills of: using the four operations, multiplying with decimals and whole numbers, using inverse operations, back tracking, order of operations as well as being able to explain and show all thinking as well as justify their answer.  Stay tuned to see if carrying this suitcase is really possible! 


Writing to persuade continues to be our focus in Literacy as we plan, draft and edit a range of persuasive texts to convince their audience of one side of an argument. Our students are finessing their skills of effectively applying persuasive and emotive language as well as supporting their arguments with strong evidence and consequences or benefits. They are even taking it a step further by using our own research and questioning skills to really strengthen their arguments.  In reading, we continue our SHARP reading program with unpacking sentences as well and summarising in our own words to explore meaning. Our novel study on the popular book, ‘Wonder’ continues to be enjoyed by our students. 

The Year 6 teachers have really enjoyed watching the Auggie video journals that were part of their homework in Week 1. It is an engaging way to step into a character’s shoes and explore what they are experiencing as well as summarise the main events of the text so far. 


Our investigations into physical and chemical reactions continues and our budding scientists have certainly grasped a stronger understanding on the differences between them. Dissolving solvents in solutes to create new solutions, observing acetic acid of vinegar reacting with the calcium of an egg shell resulting in carbon dioxide gas are just some of the experiments that have been conducted in Year 6. The students showed extreme enthusiasm in creating and conducting their very own experiments to demonstrate a physical or chemical change last week.  Stay tuned for the current experiment of which solvents cause a nail to rust the fastest…… and why?! 

ICT and Cyber Safety: 

The students continue to complete their Digital Licences as part of their homework as well as investigate each topic further in class. To date they have completed: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy and Searching and Researching.  We were also privileged to have Detective Sergeant Patrick and SuperIntendent Des from the Australian Federal Police come to speak to the Year 6 students on the responsible and kind use of social media and cyber safety.

 With such a large number of our students having access to social media platforms such as Whats App, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Fortnight and Minecraft these conversations are vital. We strongly encourage you to initiate these conversations with your child on the consequences of misuse of social media and how to best use these in the most positive way. If your child has social media, it is important that you have their passwords and be able to check their phones on a regular basis to help keep them safe. When working on their laptops or playing devices, it is a good idea to have them in an area where screens are visible. 

If your child is on social media, ask them to show you how it works and how best to stay safe when using it. 

More tips can be found in this article:

Our Year 6 students are well aware that their mobile phones are not to be used on school grounds unless they have special permission and supervision from their teacher. Recently, Mr Kean spoke to the Year 6 cohort to remind them of this policy and that if a student is seen breaking this rule, their mobile phone will immediately be confiscated until the end of the day. We ask for your assistance and support in this. If you need to contact your child or give them a message, please contact the Primary School office and the message will be passed on. 

Our conversations revolving around these ongoing topics will be extended even further with the visit from Australia’s foremost expert on Cyber Safety,  Susan Maclean on the 28th of August. More information will be released in the coming weeks. 


The second round of communication has been sent out, which included: 

  • Further details of the trip including written permission
  • Medical form 
  • Payment form 

We kindly ask that these are returned to the school by Friday the 23rd of August. 

Please include with these a photocopy of your child’s: 

  • Photo passport page 
  • HKID card OR China Entry card

It has been wonderful to hear that some families have already organised their child’s Chinese visa. We strongly recommend that these arrangements are made sooner rather than later to avoid any unnecessary stress or problems. 

Please contact the office or your classroom teacher if there are any concerns or questions. 


Next week is of course the much anticipated Book Week where reading is celebrated and our Library Monitors have their moment to shine! As leaders of the Primary School, Year 6 students are encouraged and expected to be in costume for this special day. The theme is ‘Reading is my superpower’ and conversations have been had in class and in Library sessions of the different costumes that would suit this theme. We look forward to sharing photos of this special day with you! Hopefully we will see you there! 

SRC Primary Disco: 

The Primary Disco is getting closer and will be sure to be a fun session! Please see the link below to give your child permission to attend.

Maths Problem Solving Day: 

We are calling out for parent helpers to assist us with our Maths Problem Solving Day. This will be held on Tuesday 17th September (Week 9). The event will run from 1pm through to approximately 2:30pm. Your assistance would be required from approximately 12:45pm to run through the rules and the system. You need not be a mathematical genius to assist as answer sheets will be provided, you will only be ticking off an answer at a time as two to three groups of keen problem solvers bring their answer sheets to you. It’s fast, furious and fantastic fun! Please let Lynda Lemmon know if you are available. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The Year 6 Team