Year 6 Newsletter Term 3 Week 2 2019

Welcome back to what will be the last semester in Primary School for our Year 6 students. It certainly will be another incredible one to remember.  We hope that you had a relaxing break and were able to spend lots of quality time with your families. The students had plenty of stories to share of their exciting holiday adventures both abroad and in this wonderful city that we are so lucky to be a part of.

The Year 6 Teachers and students would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and families. They have certainly settled in well. We hope and trust that they will enjoy a successful, exciting and fun semester of learning and making new friends. 

Congratulations to our Year 6 students on their Assembly today. To come straight back to school after a four week break, delve into work, have a T8 day and present a polished song and speak so articulately, really stood out.  As our assembly was postponed last term due to the Performing Arts ShowCase Performance, it was very special to see our students have the opportunity to close off their unit of ‘Australian Stories’. They did so with a beautiful version of ‘My Island Home’ by the Warumpi Band and a brief video. A special mention must also go to Matilda, Remi and Cami for once again presenting ’Change for good” and to Aria and Dana who joined today with their fabulous dance skills to get the auditorium up and dancing! Well done, girls! 

Important Term Dates

Primary Assembly: Friday 2nd August (Year 6 hosts and Star Value Awards) 

Cyber Safety Talk: Friday 9th August 

Book Week: Week 5


The Year 6 classes have been very dramatic in the last few weeks. Through Drama in Literacy, they are exploring perspectives of characters through our current sophisticated picture book, “Rose Blanche” by Robert Innocenti. Here they have been walking in Rose’s shoes to see from her point of view. Emotive and persuasive language is being explored as we investigate deeper through drama and thinking routines. 

Our writing focus is’ text to persuade’ and we are revising the structure and language that creates a quality persuasive text. 

By now, you may have heard that we have begun the much anticipated class novel, ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio. Throughout the term, we will be exploring this beautifully written text through a range of comprehension activities including video journals, visualisations and dramatic exploration to explore different perspectives of what life is like for this brave, young hero. ‘Wonder’ will be read in class but students may also be given some chapters to read at home as part of their daily 20 minute reading routine. There are hard copies of books that are available for our students to loan as well as an online version which has been made available to them. 


Our first iMaths Investigation, ‘I’ve found a million dollars’,  has been introduced to our students and it was certainly met with intrigue! As we move through the necessary concepts and skills needed for this exciting investigation, the concepts covered were: the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) with larger numbers, whole and decimal numbers and using mental, written and digital strategies. We have also been looking at backtracking, the order of operations and the distributive law. Surface area is the final skill that we will be covering before embarking off on this engaging investigation. Stay tuned! 


Our students were thrilled to hear that Science is back this term. No doubt, you may have been curious last week when your child wanted to photograph their dinner and begin to scientifically analyse the contents! Physical and Chemical Change is our first Science Unit to be followed by Natural Disasters later this term. In the last few days, we have been busy exploring states of matter,  what exactly is a physical and chemical change, what makes them reversible or irreversible. Over the next few weeks, you are bound to hear about the scientific experiments taking place to investigate this topic further. 

Cyber Safety: 

In this day and age, we certainly cannot talk about the responsible and kind use of social media enough. We are extremely fortunate to have Detective Sergeant Patrick Gordon from the Australian Federal Police come to speak to our Year 6 students in Week 3, about this very important topic. 

This term, our students will commence the ESMART Digital Licence program. Each week, they will complete an online module as part of their Homework with a follow up lesson in class. Just some of the topics covered are: Digital Devices, Protecting Privacy, Social Networking and Gaming, Communicating Safely Online and Friends and Strangers. At the end of this program, they will receive their Digital Licence. 

We encourage you to have conversations with your child about what they have learnt through the ESMART program and from our visit from Detective Sergeant Gordon. We will be sure to share more about this session in the next Newsletter. 


This term, on the Character Strengths wheel, we are looking at Humanity and the character traits of Love, Kindness and Social Intelligence. Humanity is a word that our students have already heard a lot in the last few weeks. It is an important theme that is certainly evident in the chosen literature as well as interwoven into our persuasive topics as well as in our next Science Unit, Natural Disasters and throughout our Cyber Safety discussions.  


The swimming program has already begun.  Each class will have swimming twice a week for the next four weeks.  All students will require their school bathers, swimming cap, goggles and towel for lessons. We have spoken to the students about being responsible and taking care of their belongings in the change rooms, but it will be helpful if all of their items are clearly labelled. 

The most important reason children should learn to swim is SAFETY. Swimming is a life skill. It’s something your child will retain for the entirety of their life. It’s an ability they will have even as an elderly person and it’s the one sport that has the potential to be a true-lifesaver and one we highly value here at AISHK.  Students will require a note if they are to be excused from a lesson.

The swimming schedule for each Year 6 class this term is:

Class Odd Weeks (1,3,5) Even Weeks (2,4,6)
6A Monday, Wednesday Monday, Wednesday
6K Tuesday, Wednesday Wednesday, Friday
6L Tuesday, Friday  Monday, Wednesday
6S Tuesday, Thursday Monday, Thursday

 Jacaranda  Mufti Day

Not even a T8 could stop Jacaranda from their mufti day. The celebrations continued on Thursday with games, a BBQ, a disco and a swimming session. It certainly was a day of fun and all the money raised went to ‘Hope for Cambodia’. Congratulations to our Jacaranda leaders and Mrs Reed. 


There was a serene feeling of zen last Wednesday morning as our Year 6 students tried for what was many, a first. A yoga session. Each odd week on Wednesday mornings from 7.55am – 8.20am the Year 6 students will be involved in a year group yoga class, held in the 4th floor Gymnasium. The students will need to bring in a yoga/sports mat or a towel to use. We are very fortunate to have Mrs Barbara Dudman generously give her time and expertise to teach our students this calming activity.  She tailors the gentle movements to suit all abilities and guides our students throughout the session. Already, we were impressed with how mature and respectful our students took to this change in our routine. There were certainly some impressive warrior poses!  It really is a wonderful start the day which provides our students with increased focus and calm.

Beijing Preparation: 

Thank you to all that were able to come to the Information Session last Friday. A Google link was also sent out last week of the PowerPoint that was used. Please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher if you have any questions. 

More information will come out in our second letter in Week 3. 

Beijing Hoodies 

Students will be sent a Google link to request their size for their Beijing hoodie which we have also discussed in class.  A size chart is below. Can you please check the size chart and fill in the Google link with your child. In order to have this information given to the supplier, we kindly ask that this information is returned by Monday the 5th of August. 

Library News from Mrs Atkins 

Please follow this link to read Library news from Mrs Atkins.


Year 6 Team: